Thursday, April 1, 2010

april fools day

last year i was way more in to april fools than this year, probably because we were getting married in a couple days and my mom was stressed to the max with all the set up & final meetings. drew and i originally had planned to get a cheap wedding dress and lay it out in the living room and let coach sleep on it, so when mama got home from school ... she would see Coach totally destroying my dress, and freak out! we picked the better and more mature path and decided not to pull that one on my mother who worked so incredibly hard to throw a gorgeous wedding for us!

speaking of weddings, april is our anniversary month, so i'll be posting wedding pics and telling about fun memories from our wedding day, stay tuned!
to start out the picture fiasco, here is a pic of me and daddy the day i took my bridals (jan before our april wedding) it was freeeeezzzzing cold that day, so daddy tried to keep me warm between shots, isnt he a sweetie! i love this pic, mostly because daddy wears his sunglasses ALL THE TIME, even in dark restaurants and at night. he did that before the song came out, he's so cool. more wedding pictures coming, enjoy!

ps. update on gregory boy (yes, that is his real-legal middle name) he's home and doing well, doing lots of sleeping and resting, his blood sugar is a bit high, but he's going to work really hard to get his diabetes under control. happy thoughts and love to daddy!

andrew and i actually got married a year ago today, well courthouse married. you have to apply for your marriage license 72 hours before your ceremony, so we went on april 1st-- i got a huge kick out of our sorta anniversary being on april fools day. am i weird?

no pranks today, thankfully. i do have big news: but i'll wait and share it tomorrow instead that way you all know its for real and not a joke!

got this in the mail today, what a wonderful world. our sweetie pie nephew "little dude" colored this picture of andrew (red) me (blue) my fabulous sis-in-law lisa (peach) and himself (grey) for us, how cool is it having nephews/nieces??? love it! it says "i love you uncle andrew" --warms my heart! thank you!

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