Sunday, April 4, 2010

1 year anniversary

can you believe its been an entire year? no, me either!
i feel like this year has skipped a few months and i'd like to find out where they went... its been a good year, incredibly busy, a bit chaotic, full of changes, and even a little bit fun. heres a quick recap of the year

-april 3 2009: finish moving into our super adorable rent house (move # 1) friends and family in town for wedding, amazing bridesmaids luncheon and rehearsal dinner
-april 4 2009: wedding day!!!!!!!!!!
-april 5-10 : honeymoon (oh how wonderful mexico was)
-midmay: drew gets job offer for dallas
-two days later: drew moves to dallas, coach and jacq stay to pack up life
-next weekend: fly to dallas to find apt, buy gps for survival, papa swoff gets cancer
-may29: mama and i go to santa fe for weekend, so fun.
did hair for a wedding :)
-june 2: house packed, movers come, jacq and coach move to dallas (move # 2)
car breaks down
-july: adjust to life in dallas, gregory boy goes numb (no diagnosis)
buy new car, welcome buzz lightyear
-sept: jacq turns 21 again (the fourth time)
-oct: drew turns 26
-sept~dec: texas tech football and house hunting, buy house
-oct: speak at phi lamb fall reatreat, such a blessed weekend. miss college.
-oct31: moving day (move # 3) happy halloween
-nov: girls cruise with mama, deeann, and abbye "its not normally like this"
-nov: thanksgiving in ft.worth, Ford joins the family, begin blogging
-dec: christmas in lubbock, new years in dallas with matt/gretch,
peter and olivia
-jan: ford goes to a new mommy and daddy, bye bye ford.
-feb: valentine's day in dallas, start visiting fbc frisco
-mar: join fbc frisco, drew insane busy at work, coach acl injury, papaswoff begins radiation to treat his cancer, gregory boy has spine surgery for spinal stenosis
-mar 18: addison and audrey (our goddaughters) turn 1 year old.
-april 1 2010: jacq gets a super fabulous job! here's the big news people, i'm going back to work, and i'm so excited! i'll be back to doing hair!
-april 3: spend whole entire day together celebrating anniversary,
happy birthday mason!
-april 4: 1 year anniversary & happy easter

phew! thats exhausting! we sat down to dinner tonight and talked about the past year, and then talked about next year. our goal for year 2: to NOT move. :) haha! anyway, i'll be posting again later about our anniversary date and our easter plans, but for now i'll leave you with pics of our wedding rings (all wedding pics are taken by the super fabulous and incredibly talented Brittany Strebeck)

after the wedding, we had my bands all sodered together, i love my ring!
drew's ring is tungsten. (he gets asked a lot)

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