Friday, April 23, 2010

with this ring...

with WHAT ring??? haha, i completely forgot to give my MOH (libby) andrew's wedding ring......what????????????? i know. fail. haha! anyway, the whole wedding party had it all figured out, and even had the back-up plan (Gabe's cotton bowl ring) -- except, well, me.

i didnt realize that i forgot the ring until i was already down the isle, preacher man had begun, and i started thinking about making sure when i handed libby my bouquet, she also grabbed the antique hankerchief that my aunt carol had given me (it was wrapped around my bouquet)--- and then.... i realize what i forgot, and turn white as a ghost!!! i start fidgeting and panicking, trying to figure out what to do... luckily everyone is trying to communicate with me (discretely) and lauren mouthed the words "its okay" to me... deep breath! situation handled...

needless to say, we all got a huge laugh out of the situation, mostly during the ceremony... even preacher bruce almost lost his composure. he had the sweetest sermon about what the rings symbolized and the significance of wearing rings, all the great stuff... and we're all literally trying to hold back the laugh. james places my tiny little band in bruce's hand, and then libby plops this giant bowl game ring next to it.... priceless! anyway, it all worked out... we got married with a texas tech ring, so really... whats better than that?

notice libby had to TURN AWAY because she was laughing, and i'm trying to cover up the huge ring with my hand, so funny!

good memories, thanks for the ring Gabe! Go Tech!

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