Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BiRtHdAy MoNtH

waaaahhhhhhhhhooooooo! its almost midnight, which means tomorrow is sept 1 (or today, depending on when you read this) and most of you dont know, that my birthday is 9-11, which is really not the best of days to be celebrating yourself. SO, my solution is to celebrate birthday MONTH! yep. the whole month. its fabulous.

previous birthday re-cap:

my 21st birthday, mama told me she was taking me on a trip, but wouldn't tell me where. on my birthday she gave me a box full of puzzle pieces, and when i put them together, i discovered my destination :)
woohoo, Cancun!!!

we had a blast!

22nd Birthday-- i got beautiful blue topaz earrings that matched the ring i picked in cancun, and the necklace mama and daddy surprised me with for cosmetology school graduation.
(sry, couldnt find a pic)

23rd birthday... dinner with the family
the next day,
andrew proposed.

he did it when i least expected it :)

he did a wonderful job ;)

24th Birthday
Andrew gave me a cruise!!!
woohoo, a mother daughter trip
with DeeAnn and Abbye!

what a memorable trip!

this one is just for kicks,
we actually cruised through a hurricane.
we only wore our swimsuits for 30 minutes!
oh well, it was a blast anyway!!!

and for the big 2-5

sweet hubby started birthday month EARLY!
yes, EaRLy!!!

yesterday i came home to this

flowers, a card, magazine, and my fav chapstick!!!
isnt he wonderful :)
i LOVE these,
he picked so well

even though 25 is quite disturbing to me, i still feel so young,
i think its going to be a great year!
birthday month is always full of little sweet presents,
and LOTS of pink!!!

so, if you're looking for an excuse to get yourself a cupcake today,
go ahead and join the birthday month celebration...
its no fun to celebrate alone.
cheers to birthdays!!!

top two tuesday

its time for top 2, go link up here if you want to play along!

my top 2 cities
1) Playa Mujeres-- okay, well actually the Excellence Resort in Playa Mujeres. Its where we went on our honeymoon and it was magnificent. ugh, i wannna gooooooo backkk (sign, tantrum over) the food was great, the service was incredible, it was paradise!
... and the Miile Spa, was so amazing. the hydrotherapy they do with any service is so relaxing.

the spa!

the grand staircase from the lobby to the bar/restaurants

this is literally the color of the water :)
we took the ferry boat over one day to the isle mujeres

it was perfect!

2) Hico, TX
Drew and I stumbled on Hico after a stop in Dublin (for dr pepper cake, of course) and we both just fell in love, its sooooo quaint and charming. the atmosphere is like a cute little old town, and there is a chocolate factory. and the chocolate... insane. if you ever go, get the love potion truffles. mmmmm!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Matthew is HERE!!!!

i'm back (sorta) the virus isnt fixed yet, mostly because i havent taken it to be fixed yet, procrastinate much? haha, as much as i've missed being connected and especially blogging... its been nice to spend WAY more time hanging with drew and reading. hopefully i'll be fully back in business soon, but for now... lets all marvel a bit at one of God's perfect little creations. Matthew Aaron Tritz!

He came home from the hospital decked out in all Texas Tech!!!
Born: Aug 19, 2010
6lbs 7oz
18 inches

isnt he a darling?!?
poor little trooper, he came about a month early, so little guy is having some problems, but we are very hopeful and continue to pray for nothing but the very best dr's and treatment for little matthew. mom (jennifer) was in labor for 27 hours, ouch! i'm sure she thinks every second was worth it when she met this little prince, and he has a FULL head of hair, its the cutest ever!

drew and i got to visit the little peanut (as i call him) and hang with his mom and dad at the hospital when he was just 5 days old. thankfully, the peanut is back home and doing well... but i want to hold him more!!!

after much convincing, drew agreed to hold the little man
drew claims "they're breakable" and rarely holds babies,
but how could you resist this one???

we are so excited to meet you little Matthew!!!

i loved holding the peanut,
and ooohing -and- aahing about his hair, LOL
at 5 days old he was 6lbs 1oz
and just as sweet and teensie as can be!

prayers to the Tritz family as they adjust to life with a new little miracle, and continue on with getting Matthew everything he needs. We cant wait to love on him asap!!!
happy monday

Sunday, August 29, 2010

books books books

i've been on quite the reading kick these past few weeks, which is actually a great thing. i've enjoyed it so much and its helped so much with my bedtime. i'm such a night owl, reading has helped me maintain a much better sleeping schedule.

so, here are some of the books i've read in the past couple weeks...
this one was cute,
and an easy read.

i bought this for my MIL a couple years ago for mother's day,
she let me borrow it,
and i LOVED it.
i literally couldnt put it down,
i read it in 2 and 1/2 days.
its a MUST READ!!!

started this one

but i just couldnt get into it...
i'll try again some other time.

finished last night:

its witty and entertaining!
the characters are full of personality :)  

on the list to buy and read soon:

i hope to read it before i see the movie!
and this one

i hear good things, hope to start it next week!

any other good books you've read that i should pick up???
happy sunday

Friday, August 27, 2010

as of late...

my goodness, its been a while.
(stupid computer virus) grrrrrrrr!
what have i been up to lately?
here goes....

had our Junior League Provisional Retreat
here is the 2010-2011 class
i'm on the left side, behind the girl in the pink dress
i'm also in a pink dress. goodluck.

This is Mufasa.
Mufasa is not my favorite, but he belongs to someone who is.

I took a little trip down to visit my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin LIBBY
and met her new kitty, Mufasa.
okay, i lie.
Mufasa grew on me.
I love my Aunt Sherrie to pieces, she was diagnosed a little over 2 years ago with breast cancer. I can barely talk about it without getting emotional, and even as i write these words... i'm so overwhelmed with all the many feelings that go along with fighting cancer. excuse my brevity, its just not a topic i can handle for long without completely falling apart, so here is the sweetest lady in the world.

love her.

i helped paint/redecorate a darling 15year olds bedroom
i'll add more pics soon, its precious
i repainted these letters to match the new bedding she got for her birthday, its hot pink and cream zebra print. how perfect is that?

Daddy had a birthday!
isnt this picture so sweet, it was from the day i took my bridals, it was freezing and daddy helped keep me warm while shooting outside.
Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

i found these gorgeous chargers at Hobby Lobby!
I literally had a moment, i had to keep myself from running to the check out because i thought they were so fabulous, i bought them in green too. ugh, i get excited just thinking about them.
simple pleasures.

our sunday school class did a mini-tailgate
to promote Fan Day on Sept 12
the guys even busted out washers and tailgate golf,
i was horrible at both.
here are some other couples from the
"newly married, no kids" class

Rustin & Sara

Jim & Jordan

and last but not least
Matthew Aaron Tritz has arrived :)
congrats to new parents
Tommy & Jennifer
(more about baby tritz coming soon)

phew, busy busy.
not to mention reading a ton.
and trying to stay cool
through lots of 100+ degree days.
planning what to do next to the house.
painting for my etsy.
spending time with sweet hubby!

missed blogging, missed reading up on everyone, hope to be back soon!
happy friday!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


where have i been? grrrrrr... i know, its been a while. and, sadly its going to be a while longer before i'm back to the bloggy world :( boooo

our computer got a virus, and is no bueno. hopefully, getting it all repaired and back to functioning soon
ugh, i hate stuff like this...
anyway, hopefully i'll be back to reading
about everyone's fun stuff
and posting completely pointless
 irrelevant things again soon.
 stupid virus.

happy tuesday.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama!

Today is my sweet mama's birthday, she's 21. waaahhoooo! haha, okay not really. but i'm her favorite daughter so i would never spill the beans on her age!

if you know my mom, you know she's more talented than HGTV + martha stewart ComBiNed!!!! she can pretty much to anything, and usually while making it look like she's done it for years. she throws awesome birthday parties. she decorates the coolest of cool bedrooms (my brother and i totally had the most outrageous rooms growing up). she works HARD. and she is super fun. she's the total package, and quite the supermom if i may say so myself.

mama always finds a way to surprise us with gifts or treats, she is so thoughtful. she goes above and beyond in everything she does. she made our home a place that everyone always wanted to be. and she has been so supportive of me becoming my own person and starting our own life and family... she is always on board with decisions husband and i make for ourselves, even if it means us moving 5 hours away. she reminds me that i'm tough and capable when i feel weak and helpless. and she reminds me to be humble and sweet when that attitude of mine rears its ugly head. she creates amazing traditions that make time together so much more meaningful and fun. basically, she rocks.

and, did i mention that she is just as cute as she can be? see...
aunt carol and mama
(they are sisters)
and just in case you didnt see that she's way gorgeous,

us in Laguna Beach, CA

mother's day a few years ago

in Cancun for my 21st birthday

mama and me

at the rehearsal dinner before my wedding

i LOVE this picture

mama and brother at the ceremony

she's a blast!

us in Santa Fe one weekend

us in NOLA, before girls cruise 2009
mama in cozumel :)

and a few weekends ago, at a wedding.