Monday, May 24, 2010

slow and steady wins the race

so, andrew being the sweetie he is saw this little man in the alley behind our house last week, he scooped him right up and put him in a big tupperwear storage box in the garage... so when i got home from work i saw the box, noticed it was out of place and looked unusual, then when i looked inside... there was a turtle. ???

andrew is not really the type to bring in stray animals (thats way more my style) so i was actually trying to figure out how this turtle managed to climb up into the box. i went inside yelling that there was this huge LIVE turtle in our garage, ick! andrew just smiled and said "i got him for you as a pet" -- pause, followed by an awkward moment, "but honey, i DONT want A turtle, especially THAT turtle."

luckily, drew didnt want the turtle either, he just wanted to show him to me! we decided to let him go...

i decided though, that before we let him go, i should name him and send him off with warm wishes for his life in the field behind our house, and wisdom not to wonder onto public roads again, or he could be put back into a box. last week, while painting my green diamond wall, i watched "Finding Nemo" and so i named the turtle Squishy.
Dory: "I shall name him Squishy, and he shall be mine"

Squishy would not peak his little head out of the shell for his photo shoot, talk about shell shock. Lame joke, i know... do i get points for effort???

we stood outside for a while waiting for little Squishy to take his first brave steps out into the wild, but he did not move. i got bored and went inside, drew wanted to wait till he saw him move.
and hour and a half later...
Squishy had still not moved and drew gave up.
bye bye squishy!


  1. That was very nice of him to get you a pet geesh, don't be so ungrateful! Ha! ;)

  2. I thought of you last night because Jason found a frog on our back porch!