Friday, May 7, 2010

hello, friday

i realize that i'm not a real mommy, BUT i am Coach's mommy, and Add & Aud's godmother, so that makes me important too! i got a sweet card from a&a for mother's day, totally melted my heart. their dad even wrote in it that the girls helped him pick it out, what talented 13 month olds!!!
and as i was sitting down to blog, i look over at my little one (well, i guess he's actually pretty big, but still a baby to me), and he's doing this...

1. ignore the blanket in the chair, that chair is for "off limits" things, and strangely Coach doesnt pull it down, now, if that blanket were on the couch, he pulls it right off and sleeps on it. -- and the towels/laundry/jackets or anything else that is on the couch. why???
2. ignore the vacuum, thats next on the list after i finish blogging

For those of you who arent super familiar with danes, they do this, and its always funny. he will just lay around with his legs in the air like its no big deal, especially out in the sun, so cute!

happy friday to you all -love-coach

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