Thursday, May 6, 2010

because they are cute

okay, so really this is one of my more pointless posts, so i'm giving you the warning-- you will not gain any life knowledge, hair tips, or recipes from this: read at your own risk!

as ALL of you know, mother's day is this weekend (yay, mama and daddy are coming to see us, so excited) and for a completely irrelevant comparison, SOME of you may know that baby cows "drop" aka "are born" in the spring. so, since we live basically in the country, we have cows around us... i've had so much fun seeing all the little teeny baby cows out in the fields frolocking around after their mommies! sadly, they grow sooo fast and now they're not very little anymore. boo! stay tiny and cute!!!

so, here are some other little cuties... since by the time i wanted to take pics of the little calves, they were big. enjoy!
itty bitty!!!


i really want a pet monkey, guess what drew said:

makes me want to watch "Happy Feet"
Happy Thursday!

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  1. My grandmother has a ranch with a bunch of heifers and bulls. We went out to visit and had the pleasure of meeting a calf that was JUST born THAT morning! I wish I lived there so I could catch an actual birth! There are a few pictures on my FB if you want to see. His umbilical cord is still attached!