Thursday, May 27, 2010

clues to find hummingbirds

well, since my green diamond wall episode... i've been doing some things to incorporate a little color into our casa (aka swoff-house) so... i found these two little treasures at yet again, the thrift store! an old school clue gameboard, and this darling little needlepoint hummingbird picture-- woohoo $2.50 each!!!

why, you may ask? the clue board- because, it was one of my favorite games growing up, and its cool (and i've yet to see one in anyone else's house-so, why not?). and the hummingbird needlepoint - because it reminds me of Nana, oh how we love our Nana! anyway, i mixed them with the metal/wrought iron decor to create an "artistic piece" that still had a modern twist!
and, while mama & daddy were here over mother's day weekend, daddy put my super awesome anthropologie knobs in the guest bathroom for me! how fun are these guys...

its a horrible picture, i'm sorry-- taken from my iphone
but i wanted eclectic hardware, although i'm sure at some point in time or another someone will inevitably say "hey, did you know those dont match?" -- yes, thanks.
anyway, i'm enjoying my thrifty finds
Happy Friday to Everyone!!! (tomorrow)

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