Tuesday, May 11, 2010


so, here is what has gone on lately:
mama and daddy came for mother's day, so i did a little decorating around the house to have some new things for mama to look at
1) hung plates under my cool clock
and, originally i had planned on decorating our kitchen nook for each holiday, except i kinda got bored after easter, so for now and until i change my mind and decide to "theme decorate" again, i present to you all:
the green kitchen nook.

and a close up of the super cool green books i found at a thrift store, one of my favorite finds as of late

oh, and i painted this little guy
i'm supposed to be putting it in a store/booth to sell, but how cute is it in my black and white room, maybe i should keep it.........???

and currently, i look like this:

yep, lowlites.
i've been thinking about being a brunette for almost a week now, and i've decided to handle it rationally. new thing for a hairstylist, i know. we usually get on a color kick and within 45 minutes we look like a completely different person... no no, not this time. i'm going gradual. who's proud???
its almost time to shampoo, so i better head out!  

never a dull moment!
ps. yes, the foils in my hair are pink.
yes, the pink ones cost more than regular so i dont use them often.

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