Wednesday, May 26, 2010

papa-swoff and pappadeaux

wednesday recap.
drew's dad (who was dubbed by drew's friends "papa-swoff") came into town today for some business stuff. he and one of his business partners flew in on a private plane, so we met them at the million air airport (i'm not making that up or making a lame joke, thats really what its named) and got to check out the plane. i have to admit, it was pretty cool, so i of course had to take some pics

here's hubby (all 6'4'' of him) squished into the little plane
dont those seats look much more comfy than regular airplane seats???
 i think so!
...and here i am pushing buttons

okay, not really pushing any buttons
although, i had some options... look at that craziness!

so, then papa-swoff took us all to dinner at pappadeaux!

kudos to papadeaux on some really delicious raw oysters, they were so fresh and clean tasting (does that even make sense?) we all enjoyed them! oh how i love pappadeaux!
it was a pretty wonderful day, loved seeing my sweet father-in-law
happy wednesday!

ps. dear papa-swoff,
i would be oh so very happy if peach ice-cream
were to show up for me to eat
perhaps in june?
just an idea! 


  1. Hey there! Thank you for the comment on my blog! It's good to see you doing well! I think I may peruse your blog for a while - you're a gal of many talents!

  2. Sounds like a good day! Your hair is dark! When did this occur?!?!