Monday, May 17, 2010

lime + apple + grass = peapod green

i've come to realize that my idea of "normal" is not really in line with the general population's idea of "normal" -- but really, thats okay!!! so, when i decide to do some re-decorating... sweetheart andrew has gotten much better at saying "i'm sure that will look great honey" instead of the natural reaction of "really? ummm... why?"  so, when i told hubby i wanted a bit more color in our home, he was totally agreeable! although, i'm sure his idea of a little more color didnt quite look like this....

(before picture)
yep, that would be our living room folks! i wanted color, and color i have! i really love it though, everything was getting a little too neutral, and i think its a good thing to have evolving tastes. i get it from my mother, as soon as she finishes one room in the house, she goes on to start redecorating another. and then, once all the rooms are up to her standards, they move. haha, lets just say our home never lacked in something going on & my brother and i had some of the coolest bedrooms ever!

i also decided to change up the mantle decor too!
i'm not really one to move things around once i designate a place for them in my head, but i'm opening up to the concept after being around Jennifer, she is a furniture mover-arounder & her home is darling! in theory, if you love the things you have,
they should look good in more than one room right?
so, i bought a few frames from a thrift store for $1.99 each (woo hoo) and gave them a fresh coat of paint, and then used my collection of black candlesticks, moved some items from my kitchen nook,
and here is what i came up with:

i know this look doesnt work for everyone, because its not symmetrical.
i am not a symmetrical person, so i like the un-even-ness of it all.

i figure, if i get bored of it ... its only one wall, and all i need is a coat of nomadic desert (sherwin williams color) to undo the diamonds (peapod green- colorplace @ walmart)! easy breezy!
for those of you interested in the technical side of it all, i made a pattern for about the size of diamond that i wanted, traced it on to the wall, and did a double-wide tape line around the diamond. i went with a double wide so the pattern would be bigger, rather than smaller, and i still wanted a noticeable amount of the tan (nomadic desert) showing through. ... it looks generally like this:

anyone else have a fun/different project they are working on???
happy monday!

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