Tuesday, May 25, 2010

old school

i finally found one of these!!!
okay, i'm calm now. but, seriously!
i've been wanting an old school student's desk for ohhh, a very long time. i found this little charmer last week, and at $14.99 it was a steal.
i'm debating on weather or not to paint it, and i dont know how long its going to last in the living room, but for now i love it there and everyone seems to want to sit in it.
i'm not entirely sure what my fascination is with antique seating these days, but i'm just obsessed.
1) the yellow swing in our bedroom
2) my fabulous student's desk

3) and this little ray of sunshine that i picked up last week too
we had one of these when i was little, and as soon as i saw it in a thrift store, i was hit with a massive case of de-ja-vu, turns out my mama got one just like it as a wedding gift (weird wedding gift, right?) but ours was green. funny how things like that pop back up!
this is actually pretty practical, cause it serves as extra seating (which we dont often need, but on those rare occasions, its a less bulky way to get another chair around the table) AND its also a step-stool.

i always need a little boost reaching things,
i'm only 5'2''
and its a happy color. score!!!

did anyone else have one of these when they were little???


  1. Okay...you must take me to the thrift/antique store you have been going to! I found some around here but I'm always open to newer and cooler things!

  2. where do you find these things?!?! i love them! i want to tag along when you take Gretch antiquing!