Friday, May 28, 2010

playing HGTV for a day

yesterday i spent the day over at my cousin's house, painting & decorating! Jen has a darling house, but she wanted to do some things to make it feel more like a home! she's got a very eclectic/bohemian style, so i got pretty much free reign to do whatever, it was sooooo fun to get to pick things for someone else's house!!! does anyone else second guess every single thing they put in their own house? i sure do!

anyway, here is the before pic, i'm starting in her living room, then moving to bedrooms... i think its so important to have a beautiful-warm-welcoming room when you first walk into a house, it sets the whole mood!
the walls are all neutral, which is easy to work with... and she's got great space to accessorize and add color!
jen wanted to do a color palette of reds/oranges/and blues
after some painting, and a very interesting trip up the ladder with a table in one arm (oh yes, i was quite funny looking-- too bad no one saw)
ta-da, jen's new room!!!
(sidenote: this is not finished, but you get the general idea)

we picked blue for the accent wall color because its clean and harmonious, and has a fresher feel, rather than a red. here is a closer up pic of the nook decor

of course, i'm still hunting for more things (thats really a huge space up there, it looks smaller from the ground, haha) but i think its going to look awesome! i'll post the updated pictures as i add things!

--hope you are loving your new living room jen, thanks for letting me play interior designer!

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