Thursday, July 29, 2010

a delicious oops!

our sweet Aunt B broke her leg a couple weeks ago,
so drew and i have been taking dinner over
every week to help out.
i was running around getting groceries to take
for this week's meal (tacos!!!)
and i thought to myself,
"self, what is a deliciously-yummy-summer-y
-fresh dessert that would be delightful to take?"
then, i passed the cake/sweets isle...
and there they were
{graham cracker crusts}
 lemonade pie!!!
its so perfect for summer anytime!
so, even though everyone
and their cousin's brother's friend
knows how to make lemonade pie,
i've decided to blog about it anyways, it was my first. 
don't worry, the oops is coming!

1. ingredients: graham cracker crusts, cream cheese,
whipped topping, and pink lemonade
(one can makes 2 pies,
 you can substitute limeade too)
2. use pink mixing bowls to combine ingredients

3. okay, i guess the mixing bowls don't have to be pink
but i promise, it will taste better if you
use the color you LOVE

4. a pink spatula never hurt, either
add 1/2 can of pink lemonade
5. mix, preferably with pink kitchen-aid mixer,
or color of choice
(yes, those are pink straws in the background,
i prefer to drink from a pink straw when possible)
6. is my obsession with PINK getting scary?!?
pour into pie crust

7. lookie there, even the pie is a pinkish color
put that dainty little piece of heaven
right into the freezer to "set up"

8. get an e-mail from you mom telling you the recipe,
after you've already made 2 pies

1 small can frozen lemonade
1 tub cool whip
1 can eagle brand milk
1 tsp lemon juice

i totally used cream cheese
instead of eagle brand milk

i told drew what i'd done and he said
"oh that's why it was so rich,
but it was awesome, i liked the tiny bits of cream cheese"
me: "that's because i didn't mix it long enough"
drew: "oh, well it was my favorite part"

well, good to know it works either way
what recipe do you use???
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

tour de laundry room

relatively soon after we moved into this house, i painted the laundry room a pretty light (but bright) turquoise blue, before and after's below

much better, don't you think?
still not quite right.
so, in my thrift-ing endeavors i began collecting these

antique jello molds!
i have no idea why i was so fascinated with them,
but i think they're great

so, here they are friends, my jello mold room!!!

(above)walking into the laundry room,
(below) then the left wall

(i've got a thing for pigs.... don't ask)
(below) the right wall

i just need one more to finish it
and the back wall (below)

and back around to the left wall

i love the look of the metallic tins on the bright wall,
i totally believe in making rooms fun
 if at all possible!!!

i even caved, originally i refused to
 purchase any jello mold
that was a creature of the sea (lobster, fish, etc....)
but then i saw this guy

and i don't know why, but he was cute...
so, now i have 2 fish and a lobster.
chalk it up to being allowed to change your mind,
 i guess

this is my favorite, its a bit pinkish
and a ring of roses... i just think its dainty and frilly

i think they're great,
and i'm having so much fun finding them!!!
happy wednesday
 (which also happens to be
laundry day at the swoff-house)

Monday, July 26, 2010

i'm on board

yesterday afternoon we hit up the lake with our friends Jim & Jordan, the weather was perfect, the water was great, and they were even crazy brave and let me drive the boat. haha, it was a blast & the perfect way to end a great weekend :)

did i mention that this is the second time EVER i've been to the lake, and the first i was in elementary school. my parents arent boat people, they're beach people... but drew's been itching for a boat, and after this adventure i'm totally on board, hahaha, no pun intended.

here are the pics
the people who know boat stuff, doing boat things
me--taking pictures

evidence: i drove the boat
or the butt as i called it (finding nemo, anyone???)

jordan showing the tube (and her husband) who's boss

my awesome 3 minute ride on the tube,
although i prefer this version of usage

i'm still new to all this

Jordan did a great job at teaching me how to be a boating-type!
and our sweet friends
Jim and Jordan

we had a blast,
i guess i can be a lake and a beach person after all
happy monday

Sunday, July 25, 2010

weekend with family

isn't it fun to have family come visit? we had a super fun weekend with our nephews, they're so stinkin adorable! drew and his brother are so funny together, and i'm so blessed to have such a wonderful sister-in-law-- we love our family!!! anyway, here is a quick re-cap of the weekend...

Jason, Lisa, dude and little dude arrived on friday afternoon, we did a little "showing around the area" then headed for dinner at
yummy! one of my favorites
then, the boys were stoaked to know that there was
 a Lego store at the mall, so we checked it out

i'd never seen such a thing,
Lego's have changed a bit since i was a kiddo
i only snapped 2 pics the whole weekend,
so here they are friends

dude and his favorite Lego display

little dude enthralled with the legos
(isnt it so cute that he wears his
 little pistol all the time,  for protection--
 haha, we get such a kick out of him)

then, sat morning we woke up bright and early and headed here

it was a good time, we all agreed that these were pretty cool

they were putting on quite a show
and then,
after being in the hot dallas temps all day,
we hit up the pool

it was a blast,
then some yummy pizza from Joey's
and a visit to see Aunt B & Uncle R
and Nana & Papa
we made a little detour here

mmmm! ice cream!
we basically played and had fun all weekend,
it was awesome to get to spend time with everyone!
thanks J, L, M, and L for visiting us
come back soon!!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

weekend plans...

we've been busy busy getting ready for this weekend-- guess who is coming to visit???
they've busted out of jail and are headed to dallas!
woo hoo,
bro-in-law, sis-in-law, dude, and little dude

way excited.
these two are just too cute, and so funny

we're gonna have fun,
off to finish cleaning and give Coach his pre-company bath!
happy friday friends :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

baby matthew

on sunday (while in lbk) we stopped by tommy & jennifer's baby shower before jetting out of town... i think tommy was relieved to see another guy face! here are the soon-to-be parents of baby matthew

and here is what i did for the little man

here is the pic of them with his adorable bedding

isnt that so cute?!?
tommy is a coach so its only fitting that baby matthew has some sports paraphenelia in his nursery, its darling! we are so excited to meet baby tritz in september!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

top 2 tuesday

i thought it would be fun to participate in the undomestic momma's top 2 tuesday, so here we go


my oh my, only 2 .... haha!
would LOVE to have a blue great dane puppy
 (a boy kind)
arent they precious?!?
i think Coach would love to have a friend,
then, he would turn into a handsome boy like this guy

secretly i'd love to have 5 but i'd be super happy if husband would just let us get one more, but we need to work out a few details (bigger cars-bigger yard) before we add another 150lb dog to our home

i've been so ready for a new couch,
ours is quite worn out (the dog might have something to do with it) and its just time... so hopefully soon i'll have a pretty new couch, maybe something like this

happy tuesday!

Monday, July 19, 2010

cute boys

look at how BIG little elliot has gotten
in just two weeks
he's such a little charmer,
and i hope he stays a fatty, his pudgy tummy is cute!!!
his mom and dad are just adoring having him around
--mama even got him a special water bowl that has continuous flowing water, he was so funny he kept swatting at it with his paw, eventually he figured out it was for drinking
he was very fascinated with the flash on my camera
and of course,
here are some of my handsome guy
he just adores laying in the shade,

would you think less of me if i admitted that i've got an outrageous number of pictures of him laying in the yard, i'm like an obsessive mom...
"mom, quit taking pictures and rub my belly, please..."

okay, lets not pretend
i'm obsessed, he's the best ever
look at that nap, doesn't he just look peaceful?!?
Coach brings such joy to our life!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

dendle/hall wedding weekend

there they are friends, britt and gabe got married (finally)
"you may kiss the bride"
(backstory: gabe and britt have been dating for appx 7 years, hence the finally)

drew, coach and myself headed back to lbk for the wedding weekend
i managed to not take a single picture of the rehearsal dinner, which was lovely.
drew was a groomsman, i did the wedding party hair... busy busy!
and, how i manage to do 4 hours of bridesmaid hair and not take a picture of any of them -- i have no idea, but i did luckily snag one pic of brittany's hair... 
and the first dance
britt was glowing, she was a beautiful bride!
me, britt, and mama
drew and gabe
josh, adam, and drew
(these boys have turned into great men)
and they've even learned to accessorize...
aren't my mom and mother in law cuties?!?
and last but not least...
isn't husband handsome?
i think so ;)

i'll post more pics from the weekend soon,
very happy to be home!