Sunday, July 25, 2010

weekend with family

isn't it fun to have family come visit? we had a super fun weekend with our nephews, they're so stinkin adorable! drew and his brother are so funny together, and i'm so blessed to have such a wonderful sister-in-law-- we love our family!!! anyway, here is a quick re-cap of the weekend...

Jason, Lisa, dude and little dude arrived on friday afternoon, we did a little "showing around the area" then headed for dinner at
yummy! one of my favorites
then, the boys were stoaked to know that there was
 a Lego store at the mall, so we checked it out

i'd never seen such a thing,
Lego's have changed a bit since i was a kiddo
i only snapped 2 pics the whole weekend,
so here they are friends

dude and his favorite Lego display

little dude enthralled with the legos
(isnt it so cute that he wears his
 little pistol all the time,  for protection--
 haha, we get such a kick out of him)

then, sat morning we woke up bright and early and headed here

it was a good time, we all agreed that these were pretty cool

they were putting on quite a show
and then,
after being in the hot dallas temps all day,
we hit up the pool

it was a blast,
then some yummy pizza from Joey's
and a visit to see Aunt B & Uncle R
and Nana & Papa
we made a little detour here

mmmm! ice cream!
we basically played and had fun all weekend,
it was awesome to get to spend time with everyone!
thanks J, L, M, and L for visiting us
come back soon!!!

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  1. I heart cheesecake factory!!! I am obsessed with their drink called the Peach Bellini. I get one EVERY TIME I go. :)