Wednesday, July 28, 2010

tour de laundry room

relatively soon after we moved into this house, i painted the laundry room a pretty light (but bright) turquoise blue, before and after's below

much better, don't you think?
still not quite right.
so, in my thrift-ing endeavors i began collecting these

antique jello molds!
i have no idea why i was so fascinated with them,
but i think they're great

so, here they are friends, my jello mold room!!!

(above)walking into the laundry room,
(below) then the left wall

(i've got a thing for pigs.... don't ask)
(below) the right wall

i just need one more to finish it
and the back wall (below)

and back around to the left wall

i love the look of the metallic tins on the bright wall,
i totally believe in making rooms fun
 if at all possible!!!

i even caved, originally i refused to
 purchase any jello mold
that was a creature of the sea (lobster, fish, etc....)
but then i saw this guy

and i don't know why, but he was cute...
so, now i have 2 fish and a lobster.
chalk it up to being allowed to change your mind,
 i guess

this is my favorite, its a bit pinkish
and a ring of roses... i just think its dainty and frilly

i think they're great,
and i'm having so much fun finding them!!!
happy wednesday
 (which also happens to be
laundry day at the swoff-house)


  1. oooh I love your laundry room- what a cute decorating idea with the molds on the walls!

  2. Looks great! Great place to collect the molds too!