Monday, July 19, 2010

cute boys

look at how BIG little elliot has gotten
in just two weeks
he's such a little charmer,
and i hope he stays a fatty, his pudgy tummy is cute!!!
his mom and dad are just adoring having him around
--mama even got him a special water bowl that has continuous flowing water, he was so funny he kept swatting at it with his paw, eventually he figured out it was for drinking
he was very fascinated with the flash on my camera
and of course,
here are some of my handsome guy
he just adores laying in the shade,

would you think less of me if i admitted that i've got an outrageous number of pictures of him laying in the yard, i'm like an obsessive mom...
"mom, quit taking pictures and rub my belly, please..."

okay, lets not pretend
i'm obsessed, he's the best ever
look at that nap, doesn't he just look peaceful?!?
Coach brings such joy to our life!


  1. Pets don't make the world go round, they make the ride through life worth while :)

  2. I have a crazy number of pics of our dogs too. I can't help that they are just so cute and perfect! I am a little scared for my future children though!

  3. hes so cute! were yall at the soccer feild on 4th of july watching the fireworks?? If so my hubs is the guy who ran up to yall saying he loved your dog and wants a great dane so bad!