Friday, July 9, 2010

the zoo

i'd like to introduce you all to a sweet little rescue kitten my parents have adopted and named Elliot
we found this little guy in a pile of wood in my brother's backyard
isn't he precious and tiny?!?
we scooped him right up and took him home, even though we weren't sure if he was going to be living in lubbock with my parents or in dallas with ME!

i decided that it was best for him to stay where he already was comfortable, and look at these two... they adore the little man, i just couldn't take him

"Elliot's room" is a powder bathroom, full of toys, a bed, blanket, litter box, and mama even soaks his food in a milk replacement formula so its easier for him to eat till he gets more teeth. spoiled much?
i'd say he lucked out going from abandoned in a pile of wood to having his own room and all the attention he can handle!

Fluffer-Doodle (my 18 year old cat Fluffy, who is quite moody) is not Elliot's biggest fan, she in fact has been very unwelcoming to him (lets not lie, fluff is unwelcoming to lots of people and is finally tolerating coach after 2 years) yikes!

see, she doesn't even want to pose with me in my wedding dress?
she can be downright hateful, but i adore her anyway!
for the record
living at my parents house now is:
 1. fluffy 2. coco picasso (the bird) and 3.Elliot

living with two cats,
i might have a drinking problem too
(its actually diet dr. pepper-- but he loves it)

and the occasional visit from this prince charming

that pretty much makes mama & daddy's house
a bit of a zoo.

I love them all (okay, well not really coco-bird, he bit me and we aren't on speaking terms for about 2 months now, but i have a feeling Elliot is going to show coco-bird who rules the roost pretty soon)
welcome to the family Elliot!
happy friday


  1. that kitten is SO adorable!! and i love the name!!

    love the blog!

  2. We love our little Elliott! Thanks for getting that sweet picture of him sleeping on the top of the chair 1