Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my not so green thumb

my mother once said in her early 20's that she wanted a house without a kitchen, ha-- obviously she grew out of that phase. but i think there is something to the mindset of 20-somethings "i don't know how to do that, so i don't want it in my house" -- luckily, i love to cook and i lust over huge kitchens, but i do have my own attitude about domestic things.    mine is more... outside of my house, the whole gardening situation.

am i the only one who thinks its okay to plant fake flowers????????

1. they don't die
2. they don't need water, therefore cant die
3. when you're over them, you yank them out and stick a new kind in. POOF! pretty flowers!

my sweet mother, and sweet mother-in-law both disagreed with me on this subject and gave me the vote of confidence that "i can do this whole gardening thing" -- they both have beautiful flowers, and even know all the names!!!

my solution: make it cute!
i saw these cute flower pots in front of a really chic boutique in Ruidoso, NM-- and i thought "i can do that, planting flowers is way more fun in a cute pot, right?" so.... here is my attempt at re-creating the cute flower pots:
step 1: spray paint terra cotta flower pots white
(note: this took 2 cans of spray paint, lots of coats)

step 2: paint rim of pot black (acrylic paint)
and tape off stripe lines with painters tape,
remove tape quickly after painting
-black paint will take at least 2 coats-

step 3: re-touch lines and decide this is harder than it looks
apparently, i need more practice.

attempt #1 = mediocre, improvement needed
i give myself a C-
not a complete failure, but not porch worthy yet.

pictures of attempt #2 coming soon!
happy tuesday!


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  2. Your post reminded me of a documentary I just saw called Smash His Camera about Ron Galella (a famous papparazzo) who had an entire massive outside garden that was ALL fake. Fake flowers, fake trees, fake bushes, all fake. It was hilarious to see. His wife was giving him crap about it and he was SO proud of it. So go ahead, plant your fake flowers! ☺

  3. Love the stripes! I didn't have a greeen thumb AT ALL until about 2 1/2 years ago. It is slowly turning color. :) Coach is such a cutie--and a big boy! That is a great name for a dog!! Is he pretty mellow? I keep waiting for ours to settle down a bit and they are 1 1/2 years right now.