Thursday, July 8, 2010

a new project

i've had this idea for a while that i wanted to put our tv on a dresser in the living room (yep-- dressers usually belong in bedrooms, but since the "rules" don't apply to me... into the living room one goes!)

i have searched and hunted, looking for just the right shape and height (it needed to be a bit lower than average, since a tv would be on it ) ... and i've found her! isn't she gorgeous?!? i just love her dainty little legs!
keep in mind, this is the before picture! i'm going to do something fabulous to her and make her stunning!
originally, i thought i would paint the dresser a bright color, like this...

then i moved on to something more like this

or perhaps this

but thats a bit "beachy" for my house,
 really i just fell in love with this one

i seriously doubt husband is going to be okay with that in our living room, which is fine... but hopefully someday (don't get excited i said someday) i'll find something like this for a baby room! doesn't that just look like they rolled a piece of furniture in cotton candy? ugh, LOVE it!

so, mama and i are putting our thinking caps on to come up with a beautiful finish for my darling little dresser, perhaps something more subtle. i haven't started refinishing it yet, i'll put pics up as the progress begins!
happy thursday


  1. Remember when I told you about the table I fell in love...well it looked like the yellow one you have posted, except it was black and the drawers weren't as long. Great minds think alike!!!

  2. I LOVE this! I have wanted to do something similar, but can't get a wide dresser because I have a wierd TV space set up. Can't wait to see how you paint her up!

  3. Thanks so much for commenting and finding my blog, so I can find yours:) Love your banner picture! And that dresser is adorable, I have always wanted to find a vintage piece to fix up, I am excited to see how it turns out!

  4. I have been trying to convince Mike to let me refinish this antique desk that we have in a teal blue-ish color like the one you posted. He hasn't really gone for that though.

    I would love to find something in the shape of that yellow one for our television.