Wednesday, July 14, 2010

target audience

i used to not watch much tv, i had a hard time getting "into" any shows... no lie it took me till the 3rd season to jump on the "Grey's" bandwagon... and i never even considered Lost. kind of like books, i like mindless humor in my tv shows of choice.

so, here they are friends... in random order
SATC--i dvr every old episode and watch at least 2 at night before bed
favorite character: carrie (well, her shoes)

Greys-- husband and i never watch the season on tv
we ALWAYS wait and buy the dvds then have a marathon
favorite character: bailey

DDD-- pretty much would love Guy's job
favorite character: taco stands,mmm!

Housewives of .... pretty much anywhere, i'm such a sucker
favorite character: gretchen

i'm NOT a danielle fan, blah!
favorite character: jacqueline, teresa, and caroline
(they're all so fun--except trashy danielle, husband thinks she is a man)

NYC housewife, Bethenny Frankel...
(who is also my favorite nyc housewife)
bethenny getting married?
love the show, its absolutely hysterical

OTH--husband makes fun of me for this one,
he says apparently i'm addicted to bad tv
favorite character: brooke

my version of the news
favorite character: joe koi

i cant believe i'm admitting to the world that i watch "Make it or Break it"
between this show and the one below, husband says our children are never, as in NEVER allowed to watch the family channel. again, addicted to bad tv
favorite character: peyson

the secret life of the american teenager
favorite character: grace
cant help myself.
dont hate.

and last but not least

another show husband and i buy the dvd's of and have a marathon
favorite character: undecided

okay, now that i've been brutally honest...
feel free to judge me
i've got a thing for reality tv
but i pride myself on being able to break the "bachelor" addiction
in college, it was a girls night
i've been lucky enough to overcome it and i no longer follow the bachelor or bachelorette!
progress, right?


  1. Thanks for your comment...I'm kinda new to the blog thing...I love that you LOVE COLOR so much! As an art teacher I always feel so good around things that are bright! :)

  2. I am totally addicted to RHONJ, Secret Life, Pretty Little Liars, Make It or Break It, and this years Real World. Oh, and the new Louis CK show. I watch Weeds like you guys watch True Blood - I wait until the season is over and then binge on it on On Demand :)

    When I was in college, my roommate had the entire series of Friends, Sex and the City and Dawson's Creek. We would pick a weekend and veg all weekend and watch an entire series. I also used to watch The OC RELIGIOUSLY. Seriously, I watch some awful television.

  3. I'm thinking you're going to have to start watching Gossip Girl. It is like The OC only in NYC.

  4. we can't get enough of DDD in our house! esp when they pick dallas ones! we have to go and try them!!!