Sunday, July 18, 2010

dendle/hall wedding weekend

there they are friends, britt and gabe got married (finally)
"you may kiss the bride"
(backstory: gabe and britt have been dating for appx 7 years, hence the finally)

drew, coach and myself headed back to lbk for the wedding weekend
i managed to not take a single picture of the rehearsal dinner, which was lovely.
drew was a groomsman, i did the wedding party hair... busy busy!
and, how i manage to do 4 hours of bridesmaid hair and not take a picture of any of them -- i have no idea, but i did luckily snag one pic of brittany's hair... 
and the first dance
britt was glowing, she was a beautiful bride!
me, britt, and mama
drew and gabe
josh, adam, and drew
(these boys have turned into great men)
and they've even learned to accessorize...
aren't my mom and mother in law cuties?!?
and last but not least...
isn't husband handsome?
i think so ;)

i'll post more pics from the weekend soon,
very happy to be home!


  1. Cute pictures!! And congrats to the bride and groom after 7 years of dating, how exciting the day must have been for them! You did an amazing job on her hair - the bride looks just gorgeous!