Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Caribbean Escape

no, we're not going on a super awesome vacation to the caribbean. (i wish) but i did buy a new scent of wallflower (plug in air freshner from bath & body works) called "caribbean escape" so now our home smells like : a sweet, tropical blend of melon, raspberry nectar, and italian lemon tempered with creamy coconut milk and raw sugarcane-- yes, i read that on the box.
i'm normally a pretty tried and true "japanese cherry blossom" or "fresh linen" kind of girl, but in honor of some much needed spring i went with a new fruity scent. its pretty overwhelming today, but usually after about a week the smell settles in and is more subtle.

an on another happy note, daddy is home from the hospital. his surgeon seems confident that the surgery will be successful, he saw pulsations when he moved a vertebrae (which means bloodflow, thats good!) so, right now he's pretty exhausted and nauseaus, but hopefully he will get to feeling better in the next couple days. its too soon to tell if he has any feeling in his legs/feet back yet, but we're keeping our fingers crossed. thanks to you all for your kind thoughts and prayers!  

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gregory Boy

wednesday morning very bright and early my dad is having spine surgery. the dr's are operating on the 5-7th vertebrae, which should hopefully give him feeling back in his legs and feet. we are all so hopefull :) they're doing the surgery from his right collar bone area, pushing his esophagus aside to get to his spine, which should help with the recovery time, but will cause some soreness. he should be home by the afternoon! please keep him in your prayers today, for safe dr's and a successful surgery (and of course, a quick recovery) -- i'll keep you all updated when i know something.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

movie night

so, for our friday night "something to do" we decided to stay in and watch movies! so, after some bland overpriced mexican food from a little place on 380, we hit up good old blockbuster. we're thinking about breaking up with blockbuster and going out with netflix, any feedback???
we rented 'up in the air' -- and it was not too shabby, witty with a few predictable twists. but the ending... no closure? i wanted more, i didnt feel like it was done. oh well, maybe its just me...
and then, 'the hurt locker' -- wow. i was in shock, i cant even imagine what our brave soldiers over in the middle east are going through. i kept thinking, "is this movie going to be just them going out to diffuse one bomb after another, because thats a lot of adrenaline for every 19 minutes" but i wonder if thats how they feel? it was a little bit crude, but probably realistic. i dont understand why guys feel the need to beat each other up for no reason, but then again... i have no idea what is going on in the minds of those who see things i've been fortunate enough to never see. i'm so in awe (and grateful) of those who serve. -- although, i have to admit, i kept waiting for a locker to show up. dont laugh.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

perhaps someday

we had our yard done for the first time since we moved to savannah (dont think it was all overgrown and yuck, just time for the first mow) -- drew found this darling little italian high school boy (Philip) to mow and edge for us, such a good kid!
i unlocked the back gate for him to mow, and then... kinda felt immediately stupid, we have no grass. between the rain, snow, and coach... we have a big sloppy pile of mud, which occasionally dries to just dirt (weather permitting) its a pretty sad sight... and our spring project to re-seed.

so, humor me and bear with my imagination, maybe someday when i unlock the back gate for Philip to mow, he'll be seeing this:
and drew and i would both love one of these:

to make some of this:

of course, right now is not the time for all that, so we're happy in our little first (kinda first) house. coach has enough of a backyard to keep him busy and get himself in trouble, and drew and i are doing just fine cooking inside, but hey... a girl can dream right?!?

Monday, March 22, 2010

"Are you on crack?"

i decided to wait until a legitimate period of time had passed before writing this post, because sometimes i can get a bit fussy over nothing. that said... i had a bad experience today at wal mart. (lets all go ahead and roll our eyes about the multitudes of misery that can come out of any given trip to wal mart, and then sigh... )

Okay, here goes: i needed to get some E-6000 (awesome craft glue) so i headed into good old wally world to the crafty area, as i'm getting closer to the glue, i hear children causing dis function. i'm immediately in "man shopping mode" which means 1) go to item 2) grab it 3) walk away quickly as to not waste any time or become distracted. -- so, as i turn onto glue isle, there is a child (appx 4 years old, the boy kind) LAYING ON THE FLOOR! --at wal mart? his little brother is still in the cart (i'm guessing that makes him less than 2 years old) and he had rolled a big green ball (like the ones in the tall bungee cord cages for $2.50) down the isle.... about 6 feet past where i was, he looked up at me FROM THE FLOOR and said "can you get that for me?" my thoughts:
1) no, i cant.... because i dont want to
2) you're 4 and you have energy, get it yourself
3) why are you talking to strangers?
4) where is your mom?
5) you need some hand sanitizer immediately, get off the floor

so, i kind of stop and stare at him for a moment, looking around for his mother to reprimand him. this does NOT happen. no mother to be found...
then he yells (not speaks, yells) "GEEEEEET IIIT FOOOOOR MEEEEEEEEEEE!" ... at me.

please imagine my jaw literally dropping, because it did.

then, mom to the rescue... NOT. she appears from the yarn isle, resumes pushing the buggy like nothing ever happened, and tells 4year old to "come on" -- never once even acknowledging me or the fact that her child just yelled commands at me, or that there is a ball now in the middle of an isle. i'm not willing to bet any amount of money on her being a competent parent, or sober for that matter. as i continued to stand there in shock, she looks back and says "oh am i blocking the isle, do you need to get by?" ---- my thoughts: no, i dont need to get by, i need you to immediately spank your child and apologize to me for your inability to function on this planet, and now teaching your child to be a complete moron. .... phew, deep breath.

i dont do well with things like this, i'm already "not really a kid person" and then to have one yell commands at me, and then the parent not even notice. ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr! so, i ask this question: ARE YOU ON CRACK???

*this is not the actual child, but i feel like you all deserve a picture for reading this post*
--anyone else have a horrible wal mart story?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

i sit on the floor and paint

weird, i know?!? every now and then i drag all my "artsy-fartsy" (that was a drew term btw) stuff to the kitchen table and have crafty day in the kitchen, but more often than not, i'll just sit myself in the floor of one of the guest rooms and paint.

i'm on the hunt for a desk to paint (refinish) and paint at, now that guest room #2 is painted and inspiring (the b&w striped room), so hopefully sometime in the next couple weeks i'll have one picked out and sassified, thus resulting in me sitting in a chair at a desk to paint.
like a grown up. right?

today during my floor sitting-painting adventure, my little pink paintbrushes (yes, they're pink... shocker!) created this:

kinda fun and different, its for sale-- not for our bedroom, although the color scheme works! and, another little something for an etsy order:

little girl stuff is so fun, i never get tired of painting pink. with pink paintbrushes. this is going on abigail's bedroom door, she's a cutie petutie (i dont often get to meet the people i paint for, so this was fun-- oh to be 2 again, people clap at every thing you do and every word you say)

happy saturday to everyone!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My idea of wearing something green

Well, I was not quite as in to St. Patrick's Day as I usually am... although, I do have a beautiful green leather purse; which kept me from painful pinches today! So, other than today being my Uncle Barry's birthday (happy birthday to you!) its also a day of leprechauns!!! Oh how i love leprechauns, why? Because, they look like lawn gnomes, and i LOVE lawn gnomes. Don't laugh!!! I don't own any, if one wearing a Texas Tech jersey were to appear, it would definitely find a home in my flower beds. I think the gnome thing is more of a fascination. Anyway, here is my tribute to St. Patty's Day, a combination of all things lovely and green!
#1 on the list: always SHOES!!!

This guy gets to join the post because he's cute and awesome!

My purse!

Tinkerbell, the inventor of the little green dress.

Fabulous green eyeshadow

hello Handsome!

awww, love these!

"Andrew, so I've sorta found something..."

When he hears those words, its downhill from there.
Hahaha, well, I told you all about the yellow candlesticks I'd found at the Blue Door Boutique (a few posts earlier) so-- after I added some yellow to our bedroom, I decided to treat myself to those adorable antique candlesticks, and marched (drove) myself right down to Main Street to get them. and GaSp!!! they were GONE! I mean, someone obviously didn't know that in my head those were mine and now they've been mischievous and taken them from me. Grrrrrrr! So, I asked the sweet lady who owns the store about them, and she said there was an antique/home decor mall down the road, and she thought maybe someone in there might have something similar. How nice of her!!!
So, again, I marched (drove) myself to the Frisco Mercantile building in hopes of finding a treasure, and oh boy did i ever. As soon as I saw it, my heart stopped beating, I got panicky, I looked frantically around for a sales associate, I had to buy it right then, NOW!!!
-- this is where my shopping therapy has come in handy, I calmed myself, walked at a normal to slightly rapid speed to the front of the store to ask the price (it wasn't on a tag on this item, i looked thoroughly) and then my frantic buying friendzy came to a halt. This was one of those purchases that you're supposed to talk about between the two of us, not only because it is a piece of furniture, but because the price tag was just a bit over the normal "oh drew, i was just walking around, saw it, and just bought it... cute huh?" amount of money to spend. So, he got the dreaded phone call.... and my husband being the sweetheart that he is, said "Honey, if you really want it, then just buy it, I'll pick it up for you tomorrow" (its too big to fit in the Buzz Lightyear, -my car- get it, haha To Infiniti and Beyond??? sometimes i think i'm funnier than i am)

So, the very next day, bright and early when the store opened at 9am, I was waiting outside the door. Just in case another person out there in the DFW metroplex didnt know that in my head, THAT was already mine, because sometimes people don't realize. I went out and shot it, killed it, and drug it home (i tell drew that shopping is like my version of hunting) and here it is, my oh so very lovely and very perfect shade of yellow porch swing!!!

Yes, it is in our bedroom! I just love it, it makes me so happy! Not only is it awesome, but it also fits into our "sitting area" quite well, once i figure out what to put in the corner (other than my chandeliers, that is-- but that's for another day) So, to sum this up, I have the best husband ever, because although he makes fun of "the rusted swing" he deep down cares more about me being happy than having a functional sofa! Cheers to the new yellow swing! LOVE IT????

Monday, March 15, 2010

"it looks like a huge piano"

That is what Andrew said about our new black/white stripe room. He meant it as a compliment, its pretty cool and classy looking! I actually woke up at 4:30am on Saturday morning and couldnt go back to sleep, so I decided to paint the stripes, and by 9am that room looked so different. It was probably not the best idea since i had such a long day ahead of me and by dinnertime i was ready to sleep on the table, but I love the room! Its not completely decorated yet, but we did move the daybed to the east wall, and i'm in the process of hanging things up!
More to come!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

thurs-friday project

Yes, another project! I'm finally working on guest room #2, which is good... because we are trying to condense our two rooms of random things and boxes into just ONE room (the media room upstairs)-- which for that matter will probably remain the room of boxes for a while, and hopefully eventually turn into the media room. Sigh, someday! But for today-- guest room #2 is on the agenda, drum roll: ........... black and white stripes!!! Yay! This is going to be the black/white/red room with the daybed, and if i can ever find one... a desk for me to paint on (which will be a nice break from the floor, or the kitchen table). So anyway, here are the pics of the prep work i've done so far... no actual paint is on the wall. Coach helped too!

Monday, March 8, 2010

11 month anniversary

Can you believe we have been married almost a year? NO! Neither can we! Time sure flies! Anyway, we dont usually celebrate our anniversary every month on the 4th but Drew was so sweet and on this happy March 4th he brought home flowers and wrote me a sweet card. What a guy! I'm definately a lucky girl!
He was so sweet, he told the florist "no purple" -- because well, if i need to explain, then you dont know me. As it turns out, knowing your way around the color wheel is not a requirement for being a florist. It has happened before, because my sweetheart always says "no purple" and yet... there they are, purple flowers??? And when he asks, "is that purple?" never fails, they say "no thats pink". Its not Drew's fault that they are wrong, and colorblind for that matter, so regardless of the color, I love them and they're beautiful. Drew always makes sure i have a fresh bouquet, what a sweetie! Happy 11 month anniversary!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a tribute to...

NUTELLA! yummy yum yum! oh my goodness, where do i even begin. We discovered the greatness that is Nutella on our last visit to Kansas to visit the Probst Clan (Adam, Kim, Addi B's, and Weezer aka Audrey) those are the girls nicknames, they make sense when you're with them, weezer was given from Audrey's middle name "Leigh" -- somehow leigh-leigh turned into weezer. it works, and addi b, --- addison brynn. there you have it. Anyway, needless to say, Kim got a container of Nutella and a box of keebler Club crackers, and they were both gone in about an hour... total awesomeness! and healthy? yes, thats right... healthy. check out http://www.nutellausa.com/ for all the info. So, needless to say... Drew and I gladly jumped right on that bandwagon, and happily enjoy our nutella on many things, including but not limited to: toast, waffles, pancakes, bananas, crackers, and our latest and greatest, strawberries!!! Oh my goodness, nutella + strawberries = deliciousness x 100 :) you like my math skills? so, for this edition of "a tribute to" lets all toast to Nutella (no pun intended) haha! I highly recommend you all go out and buy lots of nutella asap!