Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Andrew, so I've sorta found something..."

When he hears those words, its downhill from there.
Hahaha, well, I told you all about the yellow candlesticks I'd found at the Blue Door Boutique (a few posts earlier) so-- after I added some yellow to our bedroom, I decided to treat myself to those adorable antique candlesticks, and marched (drove) myself right down to Main Street to get them. and GaSp!!! they were GONE! I mean, someone obviously didn't know that in my head those were mine and now they've been mischievous and taken them from me. Grrrrrrr! So, I asked the sweet lady who owns the store about them, and she said there was an antique/home decor mall down the road, and she thought maybe someone in there might have something similar. How nice of her!!!
So, again, I marched (drove) myself to the Frisco Mercantile building in hopes of finding a treasure, and oh boy did i ever. As soon as I saw it, my heart stopped beating, I got panicky, I looked frantically around for a sales associate, I had to buy it right then, NOW!!!
-- this is where my shopping therapy has come in handy, I calmed myself, walked at a normal to slightly rapid speed to the front of the store to ask the price (it wasn't on a tag on this item, i looked thoroughly) and then my frantic buying friendzy came to a halt. This was one of those purchases that you're supposed to talk about between the two of us, not only because it is a piece of furniture, but because the price tag was just a bit over the normal "oh drew, i was just walking around, saw it, and just bought it... cute huh?" amount of money to spend. So, he got the dreaded phone call.... and my husband being the sweetheart that he is, said "Honey, if you really want it, then just buy it, I'll pick it up for you tomorrow" (its too big to fit in the Buzz Lightyear, -my car- get it, haha To Infiniti and Beyond??? sometimes i think i'm funnier than i am)

So, the very next day, bright and early when the store opened at 9am, I was waiting outside the door. Just in case another person out there in the DFW metroplex didnt know that in my head, THAT was already mine, because sometimes people don't realize. I went out and shot it, killed it, and drug it home (i tell drew that shopping is like my version of hunting) and here it is, my oh so very lovely and very perfect shade of yellow porch swing!!!

Yes, it is in our bedroom! I just love it, it makes me so happy! Not only is it awesome, but it also fits into our "sitting area" quite well, once i figure out what to put in the corner (other than my chandeliers, that is-- but that's for another day) So, to sum this up, I have the best husband ever, because although he makes fun of "the rusted swing" he deep down cares more about me being happy than having a functional sofa! Cheers to the new yellow swing! LOVE IT????


  1. haha - you crack me up! I love how you refer to shopping as hunting..good job J!

  2. Love it! I was really surprised that Frisco Mercantile has some really good stuff! I don't know if I already told you, but Target just got in a bunch of yellow and black and white stuff.

  3. G.unit- thank you. my dr told me to work out, so i'm taking up shopping professionally. i think that counts? right? the end. haha!

    Jen--i saw some new stuff at Target, but i didnt have much time, i need to go back and browse some more, maybe even hunt a bit :)


  4. I love it! I'm sure it goes perfectly with your other yellow accents!