Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My idea of wearing something green

Well, I was not quite as in to St. Patrick's Day as I usually am... although, I do have a beautiful green leather purse; which kept me from painful pinches today! So, other than today being my Uncle Barry's birthday (happy birthday to you!) its also a day of leprechauns!!! Oh how i love leprechauns, why? Because, they look like lawn gnomes, and i LOVE lawn gnomes. Don't laugh!!! I don't own any, if one wearing a Texas Tech jersey were to appear, it would definitely find a home in my flower beds. I think the gnome thing is more of a fascination. Anyway, here is my tribute to St. Patty's Day, a combination of all things lovely and green!
#1 on the list: always SHOES!!!

This guy gets to join the post because he's cute and awesome!

My purse!

Tinkerbell, the inventor of the little green dress.

Fabulous green eyeshadow

hello Handsome!

awww, love these!

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