Saturday, March 20, 2010

i sit on the floor and paint

weird, i know?!? every now and then i drag all my "artsy-fartsy" (that was a drew term btw) stuff to the kitchen table and have crafty day in the kitchen, but more often than not, i'll just sit myself in the floor of one of the guest rooms and paint.

i'm on the hunt for a desk to paint (refinish) and paint at, now that guest room #2 is painted and inspiring (the b&w striped room), so hopefully sometime in the next couple weeks i'll have one picked out and sassified, thus resulting in me sitting in a chair at a desk to paint.
like a grown up. right?

today during my floor sitting-painting adventure, my little pink paintbrushes (yes, they're pink... shocker!) created this:

kinda fun and different, its for sale-- not for our bedroom, although the color scheme works! and, another little something for an etsy order:

little girl stuff is so fun, i never get tired of painting pink. with pink paintbrushes. this is going on abigail's bedroom door, she's a cutie petutie (i dont often get to meet the people i paint for, so this was fun-- oh to be 2 again, people clap at every thing you do and every word you say)

happy saturday to everyone!

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