Wednesday, March 24, 2010

perhaps someday

we had our yard done for the first time since we moved to savannah (dont think it was all overgrown and yuck, just time for the first mow) -- drew found this darling little italian high school boy (Philip) to mow and edge for us, such a good kid!
i unlocked the back gate for him to mow, and then... kinda felt immediately stupid, we have no grass. between the rain, snow, and coach... we have a big sloppy pile of mud, which occasionally dries to just dirt (weather permitting) its a pretty sad sight... and our spring project to re-seed.

so, humor me and bear with my imagination, maybe someday when i unlock the back gate for Philip to mow, he'll be seeing this:
and drew and i would both love one of these:

to make some of this:

of course, right now is not the time for all that, so we're happy in our little first (kinda first) house. coach has enough of a backyard to keep him busy and get himself in trouble, and drew and i are doing just fine cooking inside, but hey... a girl can dream right?!?


  1. I would love it if my backyard would look like that! For now we have to deal with a sloping side yard full of weeds! haha We're supposed to be doing yard work all weekend, I think I may be sick Saturday. :cough:

  2. your damn right a girl can dream! we are in the middle of redoing our back yard as well adn that looks AMAZING!! ahh could you imagine?

  3. you and me both! i want all of that for me and hubs...
    stopping by from 'the holmes home'...
    you've got a new follower!! ;o)

  4. ha ha don't know why it didn't register until now but we live in the same neighborhood! hahaha

  5. we do? thats fun... i feel like we live out in the booneys and i never see people, glad to know there are some!!! thanks for following, i'll try and keep it funny :)