Monday, March 8, 2010

11 month anniversary

Can you believe we have been married almost a year? NO! Neither can we! Time sure flies! Anyway, we dont usually celebrate our anniversary every month on the 4th but Drew was so sweet and on this happy March 4th he brought home flowers and wrote me a sweet card. What a guy! I'm definately a lucky girl!
He was so sweet, he told the florist "no purple" -- because well, if i need to explain, then you dont know me. As it turns out, knowing your way around the color wheel is not a requirement for being a florist. It has happened before, because my sweetheart always says "no purple" and yet... there they are, purple flowers??? And when he asks, "is that purple?" never fails, they say "no thats pink". Its not Drew's fault that they are wrong, and colorblind for that matter, so regardless of the color, I love them and they're beautiful. Drew always makes sure i have a fresh bouquet, what a sweetie! Happy 11 month anniversary!

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