Monday, March 22, 2010

"Are you on crack?"

i decided to wait until a legitimate period of time had passed before writing this post, because sometimes i can get a bit fussy over nothing. that said... i had a bad experience today at wal mart. (lets all go ahead and roll our eyes about the multitudes of misery that can come out of any given trip to wal mart, and then sigh... )

Okay, here goes: i needed to get some E-6000 (awesome craft glue) so i headed into good old wally world to the crafty area, as i'm getting closer to the glue, i hear children causing dis function. i'm immediately in "man shopping mode" which means 1) go to item 2) grab it 3) walk away quickly as to not waste any time or become distracted. -- so, as i turn onto glue isle, there is a child (appx 4 years old, the boy kind) LAYING ON THE FLOOR! --at wal mart? his little brother is still in the cart (i'm guessing that makes him less than 2 years old) and he had rolled a big green ball (like the ones in the tall bungee cord cages for $2.50) down the isle.... about 6 feet past where i was, he looked up at me FROM THE FLOOR and said "can you get that for me?" my thoughts:
1) no, i cant.... because i dont want to
2) you're 4 and you have energy, get it yourself
3) why are you talking to strangers?
4) where is your mom?
5) you need some hand sanitizer immediately, get off the floor

so, i kind of stop and stare at him for a moment, looking around for his mother to reprimand him. this does NOT happen. no mother to be found...
then he yells (not speaks, yells) "GEEEEEET IIIT FOOOOOR MEEEEEEEEEEE!" ... at me.

please imagine my jaw literally dropping, because it did.

then, mom to the rescue... NOT. she appears from the yarn isle, resumes pushing the buggy like nothing ever happened, and tells 4year old to "come on" -- never once even acknowledging me or the fact that her child just yelled commands at me, or that there is a ball now in the middle of an isle. i'm not willing to bet any amount of money on her being a competent parent, or sober for that matter. as i continued to stand there in shock, she looks back and says "oh am i blocking the isle, do you need to get by?" ---- my thoughts: no, i dont need to get by, i need you to immediately spank your child and apologize to me for your inability to function on this planet, and now teaching your child to be a complete moron. .... phew, deep breath.

i dont do well with things like this, i'm already "not really a kid person" and then to have one yell commands at me, and then the parent not even notice. ggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr! so, i ask this question: ARE YOU ON CRACK???

*this is not the actual child, but i feel like you all deserve a picture for reading this post*
--anyone else have a horrible wal mart story?


  1. OMG - I love it! I literally laughed out loud while reading this. I can totally imagine you in the store freaking out!

  2. I stumbled onto your blog through my friend Jennifer Miller, somehow I saw this post first, and it cracked me up because I swear I had almost the same thing happen to me in Wal-Mart one night, only the kid was barefoot BAREFOOT as in what the heck... what country is this... Kenya??? Why is this kid not wearing shoes!!??? Germs Germs Germs!