Thursday, March 11, 2010

thurs-friday project

Yes, another project! I'm finally working on guest room #2, which is good... because we are trying to condense our two rooms of random things and boxes into just ONE room (the media room upstairs)-- which for that matter will probably remain the room of boxes for a while, and hopefully eventually turn into the media room. Sigh, someday! But for today-- guest room #2 is on the agenda, drum roll: ........... black and white stripes!!! Yay! This is going to be the black/white/red room with the daybed, and if i can ever find one... a desk for me to paint on (which will be a nice break from the floor, or the kitchen table). So anyway, here are the pics of the prep work i've done so far... no actual paint is on the wall. Coach helped too!


  1. I'm impressed! I don't have the patience to measure out stripes like that! We have a junky spare bedroom and upstairs room that need some desperate work, too bad I can't paint the walls, then it might motivate me to do something in them! ;)

  2. Can't wait to come see the finished product! Let's plan a play date soon! If you are free on the 27th I love to come hangout with you for the day!