Saturday, March 27, 2010

movie night

so, for our friday night "something to do" we decided to stay in and watch movies! so, after some bland overpriced mexican food from a little place on 380, we hit up good old blockbuster. we're thinking about breaking up with blockbuster and going out with netflix, any feedback???
we rented 'up in the air' -- and it was not too shabby, witty with a few predictable twists. but the ending... no closure? i wanted more, i didnt feel like it was done. oh well, maybe its just me...
and then, 'the hurt locker' -- wow. i was in shock, i cant even imagine what our brave soldiers over in the middle east are going through. i kept thinking, "is this movie going to be just them going out to diffuse one bomb after another, because thats a lot of adrenaline for every 19 minutes" but i wonder if thats how they feel? it was a little bit crude, but probably realistic. i dont understand why guys feel the need to beat each other up for no reason, but then again... i have no idea what is going on in the minds of those who see things i've been fortunate enough to never see. i'm so in awe (and grateful) of those who serve. -- although, i have to admit, i kept waiting for a locker to show up. dont laugh.

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  1. we just watched both of these too! Love your blog---Im a new follower :)