Wednesday, December 1, 2010

no need for a search party, i'm here!

yes yes yes... i know, i'm fired from blogging.

forgive me?

really, i went a WEEK without internet, and before that i am sure i can come up with loads of excuses, but instead i'll just give you lots and lots of pictures of our Thanksgiving holiday extravaganza!

here goes, we spent Thanksgiving in "Small Town" TX at Drew's grandparent's ranch. yep, a cattle ranch. its a wonderful place to go get some downtime and eat some fabulous Nana food!
the grown-up's table
(which i'm super not used to sitting at, i've been at the kids table for a long time now)

handsome husband carving the turkey

Nana and Papa

married 65 years and still in LOVE
{the cutest pic ever}

the family

us with Nana and Papa

my super fabulous sister-in-law

cousin G

and here is my handsome cowboy getting a little smooch!

more pics coming your way soon!
nice to be back,
happy wednesday!


  1. I took some time off too, we won't be too mad. ;)
    Great pictures, your nana and papa are adorable. I can only hope to be that in love in 65 years! So sweet.

  2. Great pictures! I love love the last one!