Tuesday, December 14, 2010

this is why you order your Christmas cards online

so, i was feeling all artsy-fartsy and thought it would be so cute (and maybe even cheaper) to make our Christmas cards this year....

--so, i bought the cards/envelopes at Hobby Lobby
(40% off totaling $3.87 per pkg x 3pkgs=$11.61)
--ordered the pictures from Walgreens appx $8.00
--and bought the acid-free glue
and a few sheets of paper to do envelope liners,
give or take $7.00

so, for a grand total of $26.61ish--- i created A HUGE ORDEAL THAT WAS ENTIRELY TOO TIME CONSUMING AND MADE ME WISH I HAD JUST UPLOADED THE PICTURE ON A TEMPLATE AND ORDERED THE STUPID THINGS FROM ONE OF THE BAZILLION WEBSITES WHO DO THIS ALL THE TIME. {but i do feel good for at least attempting them, even though i'll never do it again}

but, they're pretty cute.... or i think they are, maybe i've been staring at them for too long.
also, each card has a personalized note written by either me or both of us....
yes yes, all out on these cards this year.

but i really really do love that i lined the envelopes with cute paper
i do plan to do this again (the envelope lining part, not the making the cards part), i hope everyone who opens the cards adores the pretty inside of the envelope, or at least doesnt throw it away immediately.

and the picture(s) we used:
Lesson learned- nice try.
Merry Christmas Bloggy Friends :)

(and for those of you eagerly waiting next to your mailbox day and night, you might want to pack up your sleeping bag and thermos of cocoa, because the handwritten notes are taking a bit longer than anticipated. so, for the record... none have been mailed yet. head on back into the house)


  1. I think they look great! I still haven't mailed mine yet because I'm still waiting for the pictures to go inside to come in.

  2. At least they look fabulous, you did a great job!!

  3. I sometimes get carried away with my projects but the end result is always so great! You did awesome, they turned out so pretty! :D

  4. I love your card! We just got ours yesterday! Good job on being so crafty!

  5. It's official: you are my all-time FAV blogger (shhhh - don't tell my best pal Gina). You crack my little bootie up!! I can't say it enough: I just love you (and, in case I haven't said it lately, I'm SO glad Andrew dragged you here to be near me - or at least, for his job, or whatever)....