Thursday, December 9, 2010

santa's elf

as it turns out, santa sometimes needs help, because really he has a lot on his plate (no pun intended)... so he employed these adorable tiny people we like to call "elves" --- and likewise, sometimes husbands need a little help too....

so, for those of you wondering {cough, cough ... husband} here are some helpful hints of things i might like in my stocking/for Christmas this year, just sayin....

Dove bodywash
(i like to buy a differnt brand/scent of bodywash every time i use a bottle up, its like russian roulette for my loofa, kinda... no, not really... i just like change)

a pink kitchen aid whisk
(beause i already have 3 spatulas, and a whisk is a nice change)
((hubby alwasy puts a pink spatula in my stocking, just so that whole thing makes sense, i dont just randomly accumulate pink spatulas))

a new pink toothbrush

a giftcard to here,
please dont feel the need to purchase my personal undergarments and have me open them in front of dad/brother--- a giftcard is quite okay, thanks!

mmmm.... love my champagne.
(yes, i like cheap champagne, dont hate)

this DVD

a black, long sleeved t-shirt (texas tech, of course)
size: small
(not youth xl-- they dont fit the same, stick with adult small)

season 3 of Greek
this DVD

seasons 1 & 2 of this show

Coach Poppy Perfume!

and of course,
if you are really looking to surprise me,
i'd sure LOVE one of these


does this help, honey???
love you! 


  1. I looooooooooove Andre' Spumante Champagne!! it's the best!

  2. Cheap Andre is the way to go! So good.

    I love Greek, I've missed a lot of last season so the episodes on DVD would be awesome. :)