Sunday, December 12, 2010

No, he is not a horse or a reindeer

We took our precious Coach to meet Santa and have his picture made...
of course he was a huge hit-- but he was pretty hesitant about this whole Santa character.
maybe its because "Santa" was a woman?!?
eventually he warmed up and we were able to snap a couple pictures

he was a bit confused with everything going on at the pet store, especially all the greyhounds that were around for adoption.... so cute, but very distracting during picture time.
(Coach's cousin Cisco is a greyhound, so we love to play with them too)

i took a picture of the picture we ended up having printed,
its horrible blurry... but is really precious in person.
Merry Christmas Santa,
and happy monday to you!


  1. how fun!! you look super cute! I went and had aspen groomed yesterday and santa was suppose to be at our petstore too, but sadly wasn't :( Guess he can't be everywhere!

  2. So adorable! Why was Santa a woman? Haha!
    I wish I had taken Bodie to get his picture taken.