Friday, December 3, 2010

Neath the Wreath

this post if forever late, but i wanted to pay tribute to Girls Trip 2010

Girls Trip 2009 happened just before i started blogging last year, so i'll do a quick salute to "Cruising through a Hurricane" which was really and truly, actually... fun.
the moms and daughters in Cozumel

we met in New Orleans,
spent a day there
then cruised (through a hurricane) to mexico

aaah the memories:

delicious breakfast

the 30 minutes we pretended it was warm enough to lay out,
and then we got in the hot tub

and then upon arrival to Cozumel,
it began raining...
but that sure did NOT stop the fun

there were sharks

there were alligators

and there was dancing!!!

Yes, we were bad-weather fun-havers.
yes, thats right... fun-havers.

Mama & me

Abbye & DeeAnn

our mom's are hot.
happy girls trip 2009

now, girls trip 2010 was much less eventful,
and i have few pictures to document
we were still fun-havers
after non-stop shopping, amazing food, and a super fun visit to a winery,
we managed to snap one picture before everyone left town...
it was wonderful to spend time with you all,
but next time lets go somewhere more adventurous!!!
happy friday!


  1. Ahhh, your header photo is too die for! LOVE the hair!

  2. Girls trips are always the best aren't they? I could go for some winery hopping right now. ;)