Wednesday, November 17, 2010

constructive criticism

Dear Lady (in particular the one singing opera style jingle-bells in hobby lobby today),

I realize that you may think you have a pretty decent voice, but Hobby Lobby is really not the place to test the waters on your "future american idol career" - may I suggest to you a karaoke bar?

Or perhaps, if you're just so inclined to sing at Hobby Lobby, might you try singing along with the song that is playing throughout the store? I find it a bit difficult to understand that you are singing "jingle bells" while a completely different song is your background music... I totally get the whole "women are multi-taskers" but I do believe that might be taking it a bit too far. One song at a time, friend.

Best of luck on your future singing endeavors,
(preferably when i'm not within 100 yards),
--yours truly!

Okay, actually.... that was all the polite version of what i was really thinking, which was something like
i'm just trying to buy some stickers, paahhhhleease, be quiet!!!

so, in case you were wondering:
no, i did not say anything to her, i rapidly moved to a different section of the greatness that is hobby lobby, and patted myself on the back for not being "Bah-Humbug" seeing as its not even December yet.

Do these things happen to anyone else, or am I the only one annoyed by inappropriate public singing?!?
Happy Wednesday!


  1. That's pretty funny! When I was in there the other day there was an old man whistling VERY loudly. Maybe it's something about Hobby Lobby??

  2. IDK that I've been near someone practiicing opera in public...kind of weird! I would have probably giggled! Good for you for walking away!

  3. Um, that was me.... {crickets}

    Totally kidding. Haha, but if you hear someone going "marco polo" -- that's me. ;)

  4. This CRACKS me up! "Inappropriate public singing" - I LOVE it! Good for you - I wouldn't have been able to keep the annoyed look off of my face and most likely would've been staring unconsciously until she looked at me, and then I would've been embarrassed. Ha!