Monday, November 15, 2010

little devil

so, for thanksgiving this year i volunteered to make the devilled eggs... only problem:

i've never made them before.

eeek! so, i decided to do my trial runs early, perfect the recipe, and enjoy the tasting!
i did my first batch to compare between powdered mustard and dijon mustard
the winner: dijon

and the second batch was comparing brown eggs with white eggs
the winner: brown eggs
lucky i collect antique devilled egg trays!!!

as it turns out, i love making devilled eggs,
 and i love even more the presentation of a beautiful serving piece!!!
fun fact:
i found this green DEggTray at a thrift store, i saw it... and fought some girl (no, not really) i just picked it up and put it in my buggy... i took it home to show my mama how beautiful it was, and she realized that it is the exact same pattern as one of the punch bowls she has.... hoooray!!!
so, for my someday future baby/wedding shower hosting, i'll have a darling set of green essentials.
i figure, for a boy shower it will be perfect with blue/brown
and for a girl, pink and green is just precious... i'm totally set.
friends, have babies so i can throw your shower!!!
or, you can just come over and i'll have an excuse to make devilled eggs!!!
happy monday!

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  1. I agree, dijon mustard over powdered! It's an okay substitute but the flavor is so much better with the good stuff. :)