Monday, March 28, 2011

i heart NY, i hate packing

we are leaving for NYC soon.
which means,
i have to pack.


packing for me consists of a few things:
1. me making a list of what i think i will wear each day
(thank you, ocd)
2. me sitting in my closet and using phrases like
"i have nothing to wear to ___________"
"i have no clothes" --while surrounded with piles of clothing

3. becoming completely overwhelmed and resorting to doing other household things, like doing the dishes or painting walls.

also, i'm restricted to ONE large suitcase, and one carry-on,
when what i really need to pack in is this
but, none of you lovely readers need to worry because
i purchased this cute hat a few months ago
so i'll be totally ready to rock this look:
(phew! i know each of you sighed with relief)

and, luckily the weather is expected to be very chilly
so i'll be wearing these
instead of these
much more comfy!

and then, i have to plan each outfit with just a bit of pizzazz
just in case i bump in to
love me some SATC

basically i need to pack
i'm avoiding it.

happy monday
(or tuesday if you're reading this tomorrow)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

a tribue to...

yes yes, its been a while since i've given snaps to something.

here we go:

i'm a bit of a laundry fanatic, i like it done my way and pretty much only my way. i sort it meticulously, i remove it from the washer asap and only fold clothes that are fresh from the dryer, even if they have to fluff a couple times. i get it, i'm weird. it is what it is.

i've always been a pretty loyal Downy Ball user, cause well... if fabric wasn't soft then it would be paper, right? love me some fabric softener!!!
now, maybe its wrong...
i've been cheating.

i've started using these lovely crystals
i mean, seriously...
you put the stuff just right in there.

---no hunting for the little blue ball at the end of the cycle,
---no sitting around wondering how long the
thing is in there before it releases the softener
(okay, no,
i really dont sit around wondering about that)
---its just that easy.

i'm pretty much sold.
sorry downy.

maybe someday i'll be doing
my laundry in this laundry room

happy thursday!


i just wanted to show these little darlings off, they're a custom order for a little girl's bedroom... and i'm so wishing i could put them in my bedroom, cause well.... is there really such a thing as enough chandeliers?!?

i think not.

and, because i think a blog post should be longer than what i have above,
here are a couple pics of how my crafty room is coming along.

i promise to give close up pics
and "how - to's "
for everything once the room is blog-worthy
(which will require my
 working table to be finished,
and phew... there is a
 lot of varnish involved in that process)
until then,
happy wednesday!!!

ps. if you're really that anxious about it,
you can look at the chandelier pic
and use your imagination.
the canvases are sitting on the table.

Monday, March 21, 2011

bloggy blues

i guess after much reprimanding and questioning about where i've been ... i'm back.

i had a minor case of the bloggy blues,
lots to write about... zero motivation.
lots going on.... again zero motivation.
lots of changes in the house.... no time to upload pics.

shape up or ship out, right!?!

so, i'll start back with something easy
books i'm reading
or ... already read.

a couple weeks ago, i read
Bitter is the New Black, by Jen Lancaster
i literally laughed out loud multiple times,
although she is a bit brash
and doesn't mind using foul language...
she is still super funny.

so i'm now reading

so far, so good
its just as witty as its predecessor
and hopefully a good segway into the next in line
"Such a Pretty Fat"

more to come,
happy tuesday.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

artsy fartsy

my goal over the next 2 weeks is to turn our upstairs "media/storage" room into a super fabulous-inspiring-fun to be in- bohemian chic- craft room!!!


the room is going to be grey, so as to stay neutral in case the next owners of this home want to use upstairs as the media room... but i plan to splash everything else in as many colors as i can find. i just want it to be a happy place to create lovely things! here are some pics i like:

on second thought maybe the room should be a bright color,
i can always re-paint, right?

i'm also collecting these
(for glitter, sequins, buttons, and such)
salt and pepper shakers for glitter,
tres tres chic :)

i tend to put fashion before function in most things i do, so my goal is to actually make this room super organized and everything have an orderly place... while still making it cute, but function first.
i think...

i'll let you all know how it turns out,
happy thursday!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

oscar the grouch, oscar meyer, or... the oscars

lame title, i know.
i was attempting to introduce my post about the Academy Awards party, but i ended up doing about as good of a job as Anne Hathaway hosting the awards(which is so sad, cause i love her-- why act like a dorko on such a big night) ugh!

anyway, here we go, andrew and i attended the academy awards party on sunday night
theme/dress code: sequins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes, drew was awesome
 and let me add sequins to his suspenders!
when else do you get to wear your high school prom dress?
i was just thrilled it still fit,
even though it was a bit more snug than when i was 16

here are our sweet host/hostess
(aaron and allison)
allison is so cute, she even set up a mini
red carpet for everyone to pose on when they came in!

and some other glitzzy friends
(jennifer and jonathan)
arent they gorgeous!

what fun friends i have!!!

and now i need to go see The King's Speech
and... some other movies that won awards.
happy wednesday!