Thursday, February 17, 2011

you're such a sassy pants

my nephews (and a few other people) have told me this before,
i decided to take it a bit literally.

i had this pair of jeans that i pretty much never wear, so i thought it would be super fun to sass-ify them for football season (which i understand is a long way away, but it never hurts to be prepared)

so, ta-da
yes, i threw them over the cable box to take the picture,
i realize that the wires in the background
are less than desirable,
but i was hoping maybe you'd be so caught up
 "oooh-ing, and aaah-ing"
over my fancy pocket to notice.
did it work?
--not so much, huh?--

i think i've covered most of the major necessities
1. texas tech
2. bandannas
3. rhinestones
4. buttons
5. comfy jeans

they aren't perfect for every occasion,
 but they are fabulous for a Tech game,
dont you think!?!