Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a snow day project

is a house ever finished?

no. not so much.

when we first moved into our lovely home, i wanted to blog some of the progress/changes we had made to show our friends/family who we dont get to see often, as well as hopefully entertain others a bit, who knows if the entertaining part is happening, but the changes to the house part... those are never ending. hence the blog name: swoff-house

that said, when we bought this house, this was our kitchen

hubby didnt know i was taking a picture,
otherwise i'm sure he would have posed :)

so, very soon thereafter
i did this

love love love
seriously, one of the best decisions
we have made as far as upgrades go,
 and well... just making our house look
less like someone else's house.
i did it myself, so it was super affordable.

but it still wasn't quite right,
i wanted just a bit more pizazz

so yesterday i did this:
i wanted to open my cabinets, and boom:
see something fun and fabulous!
mission accomplished?!?

i love it.
i'm kind of on a houndstooth kick,
i found this super cute pillow for the guest room too...

guess who's picture is going in there?

yes, prob this handsome guy!

anyway, another happy change for me,

and i'd be even happier if
this stupid ice would melt,
and it wouldn't be 2 degrees outside. ugh!
happy wednesday to all :)


  1. Um, yeah, I'm ready for this ice to go away!! My car is stuck in the garage because our driveway is a hill and it's super slick ice. Ugh!

  2. I love the black cabinets! What kind of paint did you use on them?

  3. Oh my gosh. It looks amazing!! You did a great job!! Can you come over and do my kitchen;)

  4. As always - Jacq, you are A-mazing, and you do A-mazing things! The next time you come over, could you help me figure out what to do with my house?! I can dress myself, but not my house. HA!