Sunday, February 13, 2011

weekend visitors

i love weekend company,
i really do!

this weekend, my precious bridesmaid Lauren and her bf Reed came to visit!!!
how cute are they?
its such a blast seeing your friends in the
relationship with a very special person!

i heat La ( and coach does too! )
he picked out some gorgeous tulips
 for her for valentines day,
which was just too cute of him.
i try and convince him of a gift
that would be easier for her to travel with,
 but he insists on tulips.

 i guess he knows that
 they are Lauren's fav flower?!?

check out her bouquet from our wedding,
coincidence... tulips?!?
i think not.
(each of my bridesmaids had a bouquet
of different flowers,
 all PINK, of course,
but each different totally representing their personality)
almost 2 years ago...
-april 4, 2009-
(i never actually asked Lauren to be a bridesmaid, I told her that i absolutely had to have her there, haha it's such a huge joke now... that she never got "asked" but was told-- she is a doll and was even there the night andrew proposed... it wouldnt have been right w/o her!)
-Sept 12, 2008-

and then, now
apparently i need to loose 5lbs,
get a spray tan
and  poof my hair!
phew! -- married life catches up with you!
nevertheless, she's a blast!

i adore her,
and i even more adore that she is so happy!
perhaps wedding bells soon?!?
who knows ;)

loved having sweet friends here,
what a blessing people in our lives are!
happy sunday!

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