Thursday, February 10, 2011

bLuE mason jars

it took me a while to decide if i wanted to collect these or not, because well... how many things can you collect?!? i've got quite a few collections going, but after much mental debate with, {cough cough} myself-- i decided...

whats one more antique love?

and to seal the deal, my wonderful husband got really into finding them at antique stores, he made the whole process so much fun...
so, after some hunting and a few great deals, i present to you...
ta da
i think they're so glam
{if a mason jar can be glamorous}

hubby was so sweet to bring
pretty flowers home for me,
and i think they make the perfect centerpiece!!!

i'm still hunting for a few more,
but i'm off to a great start!
i think they have character
and i totally intend to drink out of them
 once i'm over having them as a centerpiece!!!

just think: dinner party,
drinking sweet tea out of mason jars, love it!
happy thursday


  1. love these! although not antique, i bought a set of 12 mason jars from target last year and used them to serve ice tea and sangria (be sure to add orange slices for pizzaz). so cute for a bbbq dinner party or girly southern lunch. your arrangement looks fab - way to go andrew!

  2. New follower!! I love mason jars! I don't have any blue ones but I use my clear ones for so many things like flowers or pens!