Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Pink Closet

The first order of business in the new house was to paint our closet "princess pink" as i like to call it. I told Drew that its something i just really really wanted, and he's pretty agreeable about things that don't show much being pink, so here are the before and afters of the awesomeness that is: our super huge wonderful closet! Before everyone starts feeling too sorry for Drew, rest assured, HE IS GETTING A MAN ROOM. And not just any man room, a media room complete with deer heads, boots, gun paraphernalia, barbed wire, and of course... a really big TV. The pink closet only cost me an hour of time and the paint was donated by GB and HJ-- the man room is looking to be less cost effective. But, whats better than a little bit of wonderful that doesn't cost a dime and cheers you up every single day? Andrew has learned the truth of the statement "Happy Wife, Happy Life" so without further delay, i give you "the pink closet" ... ta da....

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