Thursday, November 26, 2009

More than turkey

Since its Thanksgiving, I'm remembering many things i'm thankful for, this is a pic from one of the funnier moments of our wedding, we are both so blessed to have all these people in our lives. What a wonderful memory! These are a few things/people i'm thankful for on Thanksgiving: Family, Friends, our dogs, the color pink, dr. pepper, high heels, hand sanitizer, bronzer, pedicures, good books and movies, a fire in the fireplace, Rosa's, fabric softner, snowflakes, dvr, Tech Football, good smelling candles, sweet puppy kisses, decorating magazines, black and white pictures, text messages, schnitzel pants, fresh flowers, and chandeliers. But most of all, I'm thankful for my relationship with the awesome God who gives me all these things, and takes care of the people i love. All the blessings i'm thankful for are gifts from Him! -- so in honor of Thanksgiving, thank you Jesus for all the goodness of thanksgiving dinner, mmm mmm good!

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