Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Adventures of Coach Swofford

Yesterday, or before but we did not know... Coach has once again graced us with his brilliance, and displayed his ability to escape from being enclosed. That's right, let's all think back to August 2008 and the incidents with the kennel and pad-locks, resulting in the shredding of the mattress/bedding, the pudding in the carpet, the entire loaf of bread he ate, and last but not least when Andrew thought he ate my wedding ring! Phew! He has come a long way since then, but is still just a little boy testing his limits! "Coach The Brilliant" has learned how to open the gate and let himself out of our backyard. Apparently he wanted to go check out the new neighborhood and see what there was to smell. Our neighbor two doors down found him, consequently she is horrified of dogs and called the pet sitter/dog walker Savannah recommends to come put him back in the yard. She left a note on our door, Andrew called her to make sure everything was okay, she just wanted our cell phone numbers "just in case" he gets out again. She was very nice and understanding, but made it clear that she is not a dog lover!!! Anyway, here is a picture of how the dog walker lady secured the fence to make sure he didn't sneak out again. Sweet Coach, he was so scared of them trying to put him back in the yard, he wouldn't hurt anyone, but we do understand that he looks a bit intimidating!

In other news, Andrew got his truck fixed, instead of buying the Tahoe. The financing didn't work out quite the way we wanted to take on a new car payment, so he's going to keep his truck a while longer, we will look again another time! So, the red truck has a new heater core!

Stay tuned... Drew & I put the Christmas tree up tonight, the decorating isn't finished yet but should be soon-- it's looking GREAT!!!

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