Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want...

A TABLE!!! I had my eye on this table for the entry and Drew surprised me for Christmas and brought it home and set it up!!! I had been wanting to put up my decorations and frames in the entry, and now I can! Thank you "Santa" :)

Little Blue Box

well.... not exactly Tiffany's, its more like a little blue room. The laundry room, actually! I'd been debating colors for the laundry room, then i saw it-- pretty, fresh, clean Tiffany's blue!!! I figure, doing laundry isnt the most fun, so the room can at least be a pretty color! Ta-da, new laundry room! :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Rudolph has a red nose, I have red nails...

In honor of Christmas, I decided to get red sparkley nail polish at my manicure! I dont usually do red, not because i dont care for it... i just usually have a neutral sparkley color since it doesnt show when it chips, but since i'm not working -- therefore not constantly plunging my hands into a shampoo bowl completely destroying my manicure ... RED! Drew is so funny, he always makes a big deal of what color i pick, which makes it even more of a treat! Anyway, we shall see how they hold up through the weekend at the ranch, I dont plan on doing any ranch-ish activities... so really, dont be too worried about my nail polish friends!

On to the next, last night was the Affinity Dallas Christmas Party, which consisted of dinner at Randy's Steak House (a really cute old house in Frisco that had creeky wood floors, floral wallpaper and lace curtains) and the steaks were lovely! We went with Rodney and Kimberly Pipken, Rodney is Drew's delivery driver. They were fun to chat with and the food was delicious. Drew and I both got bleu cheese stuffed filets, and my only suggestion to the chef would be to use about half the amount of bleu cheese, its was a bit overwhelming... but a delightful addition to a filet! It was nice to get dressed up and go do something fun!

We are headed to the ranch this weekend to do Christmas with Nana and Papa, Jason/Lisa& boys are meeting us there! Should be lots of fun :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

bottles and diapers

No, we are not pregnant. Take a deep breath! haha, we did go visit our precious little goddaughters in Wichita, KS this weekend-- Addison Brynn and Audrey Leigh are tiny little functioning, sitting up people now! much different than when we saw them at 5 weeks! As you can see, little Audrey in her swing then and now, its amazing how much they change! And look how tiny they were with Drew holding both of them (audrey is much tinier than addi) We went with the Probst fam to take their Christmas pictures saturday morning, although Drew and I attempted to be worth looking and smiling at behind the photographer... the session didn't go so well, so I (auntie jacquelyn to them) got out the trusty digital camera and snapped 60 quick pics in front of the Christmas Tree! Luckily, Kim found a few she liked, and the Probst family has a Christmas 2009 picture of the girls in their precious polka-dot dresses! That's Addison in her dress and adorable headband-- Tech colors, of course!
We are proud to report that the girls are eating solids in addition to bottles, and wearing 6-9 month clothing (audrey) and 12 month (addison)-- and giggling, clicking their tongues, clapping, and saying "da-da" Praise the Lord, after all the worst case scenario situations Kim and Adam were given from day 1 of her pregnancy, its nothing but God's will and perfect plan that there are TWO healthy girls today! Its amazing what tiny bodies can overcome, even though they seem so very fragile. They will be crawling any time now... watch out world :) We are so honored to be GodParents to such lovely little ladies, and can't wait to hopefully have them live closer when Adam graduates next year! Much love to our dear friends and precious princesses!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Slowly but surely...

So, a little at a time, things are getting done around the house! Now that the walls are painted, its time to hang things up! So, this is unfinished... but in a good way-- more collecting to be done! Here is the "s" wall around the top of the breakfast nook/dining room. Hopefully, HJ will come visit soon and we can find some beautiful fabric to make curtains!!! It will all happen in time, but i'm enjoying finishing small projects as i can :)

Batman & Robin

I think the boys look just like Batman & Robin in this picture, so cute! Now we can just buy them each one Halloween costume and they're set for a long time! They're getting along so well, but Ford is definately the problem child. He is our little explorer, and sure does want to get into everything! I guess we just expected him to be as easy to train as Coach was, not the case. Oh well, sigh!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

winter wonderland

well... a mini winter wonderland! here is our kitchen nook, all decorated up for the holidays!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Tribute To...

For those of you who were starting to think that I was only going to write about the dogs and the house, have no fear... every so often I plan to throw in a post about the things that I enjoy in my day to day life! So, here it is... a tribute to Melba Snacks!!! That's right folks, melba snacks! These fabulous crackers are a part of almost every single one of my days, and I'm pretty sure I'm keeping the shelves at Wal Mart in demand for melba snacks. Andrew thinks they're going to run out at some point in time, or that perhaps we should buy stock in melba snacks-- then my spending money would essentially be making money, that's for another day! Anyway, for those of you who have never sampled these delectable delights, I highly recommend doing so. I like them alone, or with laughing cow cheese (regular or garlic flavor) or with chicken salad, pretty much anything. I tend to lean towards snacks that crunch, like chips or popcorn, there was the brief corn nut phase (remember that Holly Jo???) but now, MELBA SNACKS!!! So, raise your glass of whatever you may be sipping on and here is a toast to melba snacks, because what else can be delicious and flavorful for only $1.68? Is it amusing that I know exactly how much they cost, or pathetic... I think resourceful :) Keep in mind, folks, I don't currently have a job, so its my job to know how much things cost and what store has what on sale at all times! Unfortunately, melba snacks have not been on sale at wal mart yet to date, keep your fingers crossed! In the spirit of holidays past, I'm thankful for melba snacks!

Big Guy and Little Guy

We can all let out our breath of suspense... Ford did very well in his kennel last night, phew!!! The boys were so cute today, Coach sleeps for the majority of the day so Ford decided to join his brother and snuggle up for a little nap-- it was so cute!