Friday, December 18, 2009

Rudolph has a red nose, I have red nails...

In honor of Christmas, I decided to get red sparkley nail polish at my manicure! I dont usually do red, not because i dont care for it... i just usually have a neutral sparkley color since it doesnt show when it chips, but since i'm not working -- therefore not constantly plunging my hands into a shampoo bowl completely destroying my manicure ... RED! Drew is so funny, he always makes a big deal of what color i pick, which makes it even more of a treat! Anyway, we shall see how they hold up through the weekend at the ranch, I dont plan on doing any ranch-ish activities... so really, dont be too worried about my nail polish friends!

On to the next, last night was the Affinity Dallas Christmas Party, which consisted of dinner at Randy's Steak House (a really cute old house in Frisco that had creeky wood floors, floral wallpaper and lace curtains) and the steaks were lovely! We went with Rodney and Kimberly Pipken, Rodney is Drew's delivery driver. They were fun to chat with and the food was delicious. Drew and I both got bleu cheese stuffed filets, and my only suggestion to the chef would be to use about half the amount of bleu cheese, its was a bit overwhelming... but a delightful addition to a filet! It was nice to get dressed up and go do something fun!

We are headed to the ranch this weekend to do Christmas with Nana and Papa, Jason/Lisa& boys are meeting us there! Should be lots of fun :)

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