Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Tribute To...

For those of you who were starting to think that I was only going to write about the dogs and the house, have no fear... every so often I plan to throw in a post about the things that I enjoy in my day to day life! So, here it is... a tribute to Melba Snacks!!! That's right folks, melba snacks! These fabulous crackers are a part of almost every single one of my days, and I'm pretty sure I'm keeping the shelves at Wal Mart in demand for melba snacks. Andrew thinks they're going to run out at some point in time, or that perhaps we should buy stock in melba snacks-- then my spending money would essentially be making money, that's for another day! Anyway, for those of you who have never sampled these delectable delights, I highly recommend doing so. I like them alone, or with laughing cow cheese (regular or garlic flavor) or with chicken salad, pretty much anything. I tend to lean towards snacks that crunch, like chips or popcorn, there was the brief corn nut phase (remember that Holly Jo???) but now, MELBA SNACKS!!! So, raise your glass of whatever you may be sipping on and here is a toast to melba snacks, because what else can be delicious and flavorful for only $1.68? Is it amusing that I know exactly how much they cost, or pathetic... I think resourceful :) Keep in mind, folks, I don't currently have a job, so its my job to know how much things cost and what store has what on sale at all times! Unfortunately, melba snacks have not been on sale at wal mart yet to date, keep your fingers crossed! In the spirit of holidays past, I'm thankful for melba snacks!

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