Sunday, December 13, 2009

bottles and diapers

No, we are not pregnant. Take a deep breath! haha, we did go visit our precious little goddaughters in Wichita, KS this weekend-- Addison Brynn and Audrey Leigh are tiny little functioning, sitting up people now! much different than when we saw them at 5 weeks! As you can see, little Audrey in her swing then and now, its amazing how much they change! And look how tiny they were with Drew holding both of them (audrey is much tinier than addi) We went with the Probst fam to take their Christmas pictures saturday morning, although Drew and I attempted to be worth looking and smiling at behind the photographer... the session didn't go so well, so I (auntie jacquelyn to them) got out the trusty digital camera and snapped 60 quick pics in front of the Christmas Tree! Luckily, Kim found a few she liked, and the Probst family has a Christmas 2009 picture of the girls in their precious polka-dot dresses! That's Addison in her dress and adorable headband-- Tech colors, of course!
We are proud to report that the girls are eating solids in addition to bottles, and wearing 6-9 month clothing (audrey) and 12 month (addison)-- and giggling, clicking their tongues, clapping, and saying "da-da" Praise the Lord, after all the worst case scenario situations Kim and Adam were given from day 1 of her pregnancy, its nothing but God's will and perfect plan that there are TWO healthy girls today! Its amazing what tiny bodies can overcome, even though they seem so very fragile. They will be crawling any time now... watch out world :) We are so honored to be GodParents to such lovely little ladies, and can't wait to hopefully have them live closer when Adam graduates next year! Much love to our dear friends and precious princesses!

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